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2024 Release Notes: Release G

Released April 10, 2024

Minimum Session Time Data Filter Now Available for Salesforce API Export – When you’re sending PathFactory session engagement data directly to Salesforce, you can now set a minimum engagement time threshold that is required for traffic to count as a session. You can use this feature to weed out any potential bot traffic or non-meaningful engagement before it gets passed into Salesforce. For more information about using PathFactory with Salesforce, check out the section called How to Customize PathFactory Data Points Shared With Your Salesforce Instance in the article Connecting Your Salesforce Instance with PathFactory.

“Lead in CRM” Buyer Status Type Added to PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Dashboards – In the Accounts Dashboard Buyer Insights tab, you can now see whether  someone engaging with content is also a lead record in Salesforce. With the new “Lead in CRM” labeling added, there are now four buyer status type labels you will see: Contact in CRM, Lead in CRM, Known to PathFactory, and Unknown. The definitions are explained in the section Buyers Insight, in the article Introduction to Accounts, Opportunities & Buyer Insights Dashboards in PathFactory For Revenue Intelligence.

New Form Performance Summary Added to Dashboard – In the Templated Experiences Reports tab, you will now see a summary analysis of form activity and effectiveness. The text summary includes  the number of visitors who have seen forms, frequency of form displays , form submissions, and resulting conversion rates. To find out more about forms and reports, read Form Performance Reporting for Templated Experiences.

New Permission Settings Available in Custom Roles for Collections & Content Playlists – Administrators now have the ability to grant and customize permissions for viewing, creating, editing, and deleting Collections and Content Playlists for Custom roles. For comprehensive information on configuring permissions and governance for Custom roles, refer to the guides How to Configure Permissions and Governance for Custom Roles and What are the Different User Roles?

Enhance Content Playlists By Adding Account Logos – You can now add your organization’s logo or a target account logo to a Content Playlist. This allows you to add additional branding if using a Header section or as branding when a Header section is not being used in order to maximize the main content window. To find out how to achieve this layout, see step-by-step instructions in  How to Customize a Theme for Content Page Template Appearances.

Updated on May 8, 2024

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