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Understanding Individual Account & Opportunity Insights within PFRI

In addition to the aggregate views of content engagement and buying signals that PathFactory provides across all of your Salesforce accounts and opportunities, you can also narrow in on insights for a specific account or opportunity. 

To begin, open your PathFactory Instance and click on the Revenue Intelligence menu. 

image 240
Revenue Intelligence menu item

On the screen that opens, scroll down and select an Account from the table or search for it within the search bar. 

image 244
Account Search field highlighted

Once you are on an account/opportunity page, you will also see a Share Content button if you have a Revenue Team role assigned. You can find out more about user roles by reading What are the Different User Roles?  To find out about sharing content plays, read Activating and Reviewing Content Plays.

To get more information about any of the new data terminology introduced with PFRI, read our full list of PFRI buying signal definitions

Account Views

In this tab you see a high-level view of the account engagement for the period you have specified. This includes the number of engaged buyers, engaged content, new topics, new buyers, days engaged and the trending topics across the account. You can also see if the account engagement is trending positively or negatively compared to the previous period. 

Below the summary cards is a table that lists the opportunities associated with the account selected. PathFactory surfaces the number of new buyers, content engaged, engagement trend, time spent and % change specific to each opportunity in this list. You can also filter the opportunity list by stage by clicking on the Stages dropdown list. 

image 243
Summary table with dropdown list

Buyers Insight 

The Buyers Insight tab displays a timeline view of all buyers that have engaged with your PathFactory content experiences. You can see the engagement time, number of content assets consumed and topics of interest for each buyer. You can also see the buyer’s status.

  • Present in CRM – someone who is already a contact record in your CRM and associated to this account
  • Not Present in CRM – someone who is known to PathFactory and the account matches
  • Unknown – a visitor that is still anonymous but that PathFactory is able to associate to the account through the IP information 6sense provides

By viewing the buyer status, you can get a better picture of the full buying committee that may have been hidden previously. You can also narrow in on more granular insights by date or by buyer status. 

image 245
Buyers Insight view

Topics of Interest

The Topics of Interest tab displays the topics that your buyers are interested in. Topics are categories that represent major areas of interest for the target audience(s) around which PathFactory AI has grouped your content.

When you click on one of these topics, you’ll see the associated key phrases, which are a collection of keywords that logically cluster together under a common topic based on their meaning and relatedness.

Once you click on a topic, a  panel on the right side displays, as shown in the screen capture below. 

image 245
Topics of Interest side panel

Topics of Interest displays the content related to that topic you have selected. The engagement time and views listed here are based on previous engagement with that content by account. The topic score for each content asset is based on a PathFactory algorithm and highlights the level of relevancy that asset has with that topic. You also see keyphrases and topic ranking. 

Note: If you are a Campaign Tools only customer and do not use PathFactory’s content analysis capabilities, PathFactory will surface the most highly engaged topic values that your marketing team manually applied when adding their content into the Content Library.

Opportunity Views

Initially when you visit an individual opportunity, you will be able to see high-level engagement and CRM data based on the date criteria you have specified. This includes the # of engaged buyers, content, new topics, new buyers, days to closure and trending topic information. Below are two sub-tabs called Stages and Content. By default, the Stages tab will display underneath the overview cards when you first view an opportunity.

image 241
Opportunity view


This visual surfaces the pace at which the opportunity moved through the different stages based on the data PathFactory collects from your CRM. A buyer engagement graph is then mapped directly below those stages to help you correlate the impact that your content engagement has had on the velocity of your opportunities.

When comparing average time from previous opportunities, this is specific to closed/won opportunities for accounts in the same industry.

image 242
Stages view


The Content sub-tab showcases the same topic of interest data for your account buying committee that was previously shown in the individual account view. Refer to the Topics of Interest section of this article for more information. 

Updated on May 31, 2023

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