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Introduction to Website Campaigns

What are Website Campaigns?

Website Campaigns let you harness the power of PathFactory’s content promoters directly on your website. They provide more opportunities for interested parties to find and enter your Content Tracks by connecting eye-catching CTAs to content tracks.

There are several styles of Website Campaigns, all of which can have customized appearances, text, and behavior. You are able to link to multiple Content Tracks from a single website campaign, which allows your visitors to find Content Tracks which are most interesting to them.


Web campaigns are configured in the same way as promoters in Content Tracks. First you must set up your appearance settings, language settings, and links & sharing. Then you apply these settings to your web campaigns.

When do you use Website Campaigns?

Visitors on your website are obviously interested in learning more about your company; why wouldn’t you help those visitors discover content related to what they’re seeing on-page by making your PathFactory Content Tracks available to them?

The ability to customize which Content Tracks will be promoted, as well as select the specific content asset which is displayed, means that your visitors will be able to view the content track which is most relevant to their interests.

How do Website Campaigns work?

1. Add Script

Copy and paste the Jukebox Website Script Tag from PathFactory into the HTML code of your webpages.

2. Connect

Add your web page URLs or URL patterns to your PathFactory web campaign list. This lets PathFactory know to connect and communicate with your website.

3. Configure Promoters

Select the promoters you want to use on each page or URL pattern, and configure their behaviors, messaging, and appearance.

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Updated on April 13, 2023

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