Introduction to Links and Sharing

The Links and Sharing feature in PathFactory gives you the ability to set the links and social sharing options within your content tracks. This includes the ability to set a link for your logo image, customize the messages used when visitors share content, choose which Twitter handle will be used, select which social sharing options will be available to visitors, and enable or disable the ability to download content from the track.

For Example:
You will most likely set your default setting so that visitors who click on your logo in content tracks will be sent to your company’s homepage.

However, you can create other Links and Sharing settings, and set them to send visitors who click on your logo to your Knowledge Base, an event-specific page, or anywhere else you want!

Providing your visitors with the ability to share content over social networks increases the visibility of your company and your content tracks, and gives your visitors more ways to interact with your content.

The Links and Sharing feature operates in a similar way to Languages and Appearances in that you can create multiple sharing groups which can then be quickly applied to different content tracks. If you want some of your content tracks to be shareable only on Twitter and others to be shareable on LinkedIn and Facebook you can create two different sharing groups and then apply these to your content tracks. This means that you don’t have to set up the sharing settings every time you create a new content track because you can simply reuse existing sharing settings.

1. Set Default Settings

Set up the default sharing options and links.

2. Create New Groups

Set up different versions of sharing settings by creating new Links and Sharing groups.

3. Apply to Content Tracks

Use either the default sharing settings or apply one of your other sharing groups while building a content track.

Updated on April 14, 2023

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