Introduction to Languages

What are Languages?

The Languages feature gives you complete control over the text displayed to visitors on your promoters within your Content Tracks and on your website promoters. This feature also allows you to create language groups for languages other than English, and to customize the text that will be displayed for those languages.

Why do you use Languages?

Customizing the text that appears on promoters allows you to control the tone of your content tracks. You may want to use more or less formal language depending on your company’s branding and who your target demographic is.
The ability to add and customize additional languages makes it simple to target international audiences while maintaining your company’s branding. These language groups are created and configured in the Languages library, meaning you can quickly and easily apply different languages to content tracks without having to re-write them for each track.

How do Languages work?

1. Set Default Settings

Set up the default text that will be used on promoters. We provide suggested copy, but you can easily change it to reflect your brand.

2. Create New Groups

Select the other languages you want to add to your languages library, and set the text which will appear in these other languages.

3. Apply to Content Tracks

Use either the default language settings or apply one of your other language groups while building a content track or configuring web promoters.

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Updated on April 14, 2023

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