Introduction to Appearances

What are Appearances?

Appearances allow you to control the look and feel of your content tracks. By creating different appearance groups you are able to quickly and easily apply different colors, fonts, and logos to content tracks without having to configure them each time you build a new track.

Appearance settings allow you to control how your promoters look, select favicons for your tracks, and configure the appearance of your cookie consent messaging.

Why do you use Appearances?

The ability to create appearance groups helps to speed up the content track creation process. Set your default appearance settings to align with your standard branding, and use the additional appearance groups to change the look of content tracks for specific campaigns.

How do Appearances work?

1. Set Default Settings

Set up the default fonts, colors, and behaviors of promoters.

2. Create New Groups

Select the color and font settings for a new appearance group, and PathFactory will automatically create promoter appearances using those selections. You can still adjust these settings manually afterwards.

3. Apply to Content Tracks

Use either the default appearance settings or apply one of your other appearance groups while building a content track.

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Updated on April 13, 2023

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