Introduction to Promoters

What are Promoters?

Promoters are the tools that allow visitors to navigate your Content Tracks and encourage them to view additional recommended content.

Think of promoters as the guides through a content track; the promoters you use determine how and when content will be presented to visitors.

The ability to customize promoters is split into Appearances, Languages, and Links and Sharing. You can also configure how promoters appear and behave on individual content tracks, providing you with another level of customization.

Why do you use Promoters?

Promoters allow you to plan exactly how your visitors will interact with and move through your content tracks. The ability to customize promoters ensures that you maintain consistent branding, and makes it easy to mix-and-match various appearance, language, and sharing settings to create unique tracks which reflect the goals of specific campaigns.

If you are using Web Promoters you can customize the look and feel the same way as promoters in Content Tracks. Create and apply an appearance and a language.

Types of Promoters

Target-Specific Promoters


Flow’s scrollable content menu allows visitors to jump ahead in their Content Track, or simply use the Next buttons to move forward. imageExample of scrollable content


Signposts are customizable Next and Previous buttons which allow visitors to navigate through content along a linear path. imageExample of Signposts

Bottom Bar

Bottom Bar is a collapsible content menu which pops up from the bottom of the page. imageExample of Bottom Bar

End Promoter

The End Promoter allows you to set a URL that will be the destination after the final asset in a track is viewed. imageExample of an End Promoter

Recommend-Specific Promoters

Sidebar’s scrollable content menu allows visitors to freely navigate their Content Track. imageExample of Sidebar

Topic Sidebar

Topic Sidebar’s scrollable content menu displays topic tags on content, allowing visitors to filter by topics of interest. imageExample of Topic Sidebar

Re-engagement Promoters

There are 2 promoters which are available in both Target and Recommend. These promoters are used to re-capture a visitor’s attention.


A “Suggested Content” window appears when a visitor tries to navigate away from the Content Track. imageExample of Exit Promoter


A customizable message flashes on the content track’s tab when left inactive. imageExample of Inactivity Prompt

How do Promoters work?

1. Set Default Settings

Set the default settings for each promoter style and create new groups of promoter styles for different Appearances, Languages, and Links and Sharing.

2. Use in Tracks

Turn on the promoter types you want activated in each track. Choose to use either the default settings for a track or select different appearance, language, and sharing groups.

3. Customize (Optional)

Change the promoter text and behavior for a specific track, or even for a specific content asset.

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Updated on April 13, 2023

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