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2024 Release Notes: Release E

Released March 12, 2024

Templated Experiences Enhancements

  • Add Font Type and Color to Cookie Consents and Asset Protection – We’ve added font and color configuration options to the Theme Settings for both Access Protection and Cookie Consent elements in Templated Experiences, creating more robust capabilities for users to brand their Experiences. To read about Access Protection customization, read How to Create/Configure a Theme File section within the article Introduction to Themes. To learn more about customizing cookie consent, read How Do I Set Up Cookie Consent?
  • Add Cookie Consent Toggle to Content Page Setup – Visitors to a Templated Experience’s Content Page will now see a Cookie Settings menu that allows them to customize their preferences while visiting a PathFactory experience. Read more in Custom Cookie Consent and How to Customize Cookie Consent Menu Appearance.
  • Add a Feature List Section to a Landing Page – We’ve added a new Feature List section within Templated Experiences that displays as horizontal cards with built-in and configurable CTAs. Previously, feature lists did not support dynamic capabilities nor had an appearance configuration for cards. To find out more about the updates to this type of section, read Feature List Section Type Details within the document How to Build Content Page Templates and Landing Page Templates.
  • Enable the Bottom Bar to Take on the Properties of the Sidebar Background Color – This enhancement allows the marketer to configure a seamless and consistent brand experience. Adjust the appearance of the sidebar for mobile view to adopt the background and any associated appearance configuration, as well as define what the bottom bar text should display. To find out more about how to customize a Theme, take a look at How to Customize a Theme for Content Page Template Appearances.
  • Add Content Page Header Settings to the Content Page Template Settings in Theme – You can now set a default Content Page Template within a Theme.  The Theme settings will automatically apply a default look and feel to your Content Pages & Content Lists, making experience building even faster and easier for your teams. To learn more about how to save time while creating Content Pages, read How to Customize a Theme for Content Page Template Appearances.
  • Select the Starting Asset to Open as an Overlay When Sharing the Landing Page Link – We’ve added an enhancement that allows marketers to select a starting asset that will open as an overlay on a Templated Experience. When clicking on the share icon in the list of Templated Experiences, select the Source Type to determine which group of assets want to pull, and then select which starting asset should open when a visitor lands on the page. You can learn more about this feature in the section called How to Share a Landing Page, within the Introduction to Templated Experiences tutorial. 
  • Choose a Single Featured Content Asset in a Content List – We’ve added an enhancement to our Content List section in Templated Experiences that allows you to select a single card in their Content List Carousel. This enables you to select  a single featured asset to be displayed in full width on the Templated Experience page. This new feature is essentially allowing you to embed a full-sized featured asset or video into a page while still capturing all the engagement data typically associated with multi-asset experiences. Find out how to create this layout in the section Building a Landing Page Experience within Introduction to Templated Experiences.

Webhook Enhancement

New Fields for PathFactory Session Tracking – We’ve added two fields to our PathFactory Webhooks: “Campaign ID” (a new field) and “Content External ID List.” Campaign ID enables you to aggregate multiple PathFactory Experiences under a single campaign, which you can leverage in your other data systems. Content External ID List sends a list of the External IDs associated with every asset the visitor has viewed in their session, giving you a complete picture of your visitors’ content journeys. All of our Webhooks are listed and defined in Webhook field definitions.

Website Tools Enhancement

Create Website Tools Manual Collections Through CSV Upload – If you want to create collections of URLs that have no shared URL structure to leverage for Smart Collections, you can now upload a CSV of URLs to simplify and streamline the creation of Manual Collections. Check out the new upload option and how it works in Configure Sources and Collections for Website Tools.

Virtual Events Enhancement

VEX Session Cloning – Save time with the ability to clone sessions cross-event by allowing an existing session to be cloned to other event pages for testing and cross-regional publishing. Find out how by reading How to Create VEX Sessions.

Updated on March 21, 2024

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