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How do I set up the new Cookie Consent?


To use the Cookie Consent feature in a Content Track you must first:

  1. Enable Cookie Consent in your Organization Settings
  2. Customize the look and messaging of your Cookie Consent with Appearances and Languages (Optional)
  3. Toggle On Cookie Consent within each Content Track
Make sure you read the Cookie Consent Checklist to ensure you are implementing the new Cookie Consent feature everywhere necessary.

Have questions about Cookie Consent in PathFactory? Check out the FAQ!

Want to use a 3rd party cookie consent provider? Read this article instead.

Enabling Cookie Consent does not affect the availability of the Cookie Message function. Turning on Cookie Consent in your Organization Settings means that you will now have the option to add Cookie Message or Cookie Consent to your Content Tracks.
  1. Select Organization Settings from the drop-down menu under your username.
    You must be an admin user to access Organization Settings.
    Organization Settings menu item
    Organization Settings menu item
  2. Click Cookie Consent.
    imageCookie Consent link

  3. Decide which visitors you want prompted with Cookie Consent:
    • If you want all visitors to be prompted with Cookie Consent, select Enable Cookie Consent for all web visitors.
      imageEnable Cookie Consent for all web visitors

    • If you only want Cookie Consent to appear for visitors with IP addresses from specific countries, select Enable Cookie Consent for web visitors with an originating IP from selected countries, and then select the countries.
      imageConfiguration for specific countries

  4. If you want all newly created content tracks to automatically have Cookie Consent turned on, check the box for Apply Cookie Consent to all new tracks.
    This will only affect content tracks created after this point; it will not turn on cookie consent in existing content tracks.

    imageApply Cookie Consent checkbox

  5. Click Save.
    imageSave button

  1. You can now toggle on Cookie Consent in any of your content tracks.
    If you want to change the messaging or appearance of your Cookie Consent, you can do so in Appearances and Languages.

    imageCookie Consent toggle

Updated on April 14, 2023

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