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2024 Release Notes: Release D

Released February 27, 2024

The following features have been added to Release D. Read the sections below to find out details and links to resources.

Demandbase Integration Enhancements

Improved Data Sync – For PathFactory customers using the Demandbase Integration, new updates increase the sources of data available for use within PathFactory analytics, APIs, webhooks and personalization capabilities. Demandbase anticipates that the updated cookie lookup will raise match accuracy by up to 40%. To find out about this integration, see How Do I Connect PathFactory and Demandbase?

Use Demandbase Account Matching in PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence – Mutual customers of Demandbase and PathFactory that use Demandbase’s account matching logic across other areas of PathFactory will now also be able to leverage it within PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence (PFRI). This means that any time a visitor (that isn’t already a Salesforce contact) is associated with an Account in PFRI, it will be done through Demandbase’s logic vs. our OEM account matching solution. To learn about PFRI, read Getting Started with PathFactory Revenue Intelligence (PFRI)

Templated Experiences Enhancements

Override Content Asset External IDs in Content Configuration –You now have the option to add a Content External ID that is unique to the Templated Experience to precisely track performance and engagement for its related content assets. To find out about this new feature, read Adding External IDs and External ID Overrides to Content and Templated Experiences.

Open Landing Page CTA Links in Overlay Mode – This enhancement to the CTA functionality in Templated Experiences enables you to set the CTA link to open in an Overlay view, so visitors do not leave the original Landing Page they are visiting. For more information about using CTAs in Templated Experiences, read Introduction to Templated Experiences: How to Build a Content Experience.

Add an Inactivity Promoter to a Templated Experience – You can now craft and trigger a message to display on the Landing Page tab to re-engage users if they have navigated away  from a Templated Experience to a new tab. For instructions on how to create and use this promoter, read How to Add an Inactivity Promoter to a Templated Experience Content Page.

Update Landing Pages in Bulk by Updating Their Theme and Landing Page Templates – A newly available override feature enables you to perform mass updates to Landing Pages that are based on a single Landing Page Template layout. Now, once you’ve modified Theme settings and then the Landing Page Template, updates made in the Landing Template are automatically applied to all associated Landing Pages. To find out more about this feature, read How to Perform Bulk Updates for Landing Pages Using Themes and Templates.

Hide New Sections from Live Landing Pages – If you add a new section to the source layout in a  Landing Page Template after you have already created Landing Pages based on the Template, any new sections will be hidden in previously-created Landing Pages. You can manually unhide the new sections on any Landing Pages you wish, but they are set to hidden by default to avoid adding new sections to existing Landing Pages unintentionally. For more information about adding sections to Templated Experiences, in How to Build Content Page Templates and Landing Page Templates read: How to Build Landing Page Templates.

Updated on March 6, 2024

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