External ID for Experiences

External IDs are non-unique identifiers that can be added to Content Experiences. You can use this free text field to tag tracks according to your external systems, or even to group tracks by using the same ID.

You can search for Content Track External IDs with the search bar on the Target and Recommend Content Track landing pages.
Search fields
  1. Select the Content Track to which you want to add an External ID.
    Content track selected


  2. On the right side panel, under Experience Settings click External ID. You may have to scroll down to see this field.
    External ID field


  3. Type in the external ID you want to add to the Content Track. Click Save.
    Example of External ID name


  4. You are now able to search for Content Tracks by External ID.
    Search results


Override external ID for Content Tracks

Do you have a specific attribution strategy where you change the campaign ID for an asset depending on the experience in which it is being used? Are you ever using a single track across your campaign to promote to  multiple verticals? If so, this enhancement is for you!

You are now able to assign a ‘Campaign_id” for each content asset to ensure that respective campaign attribution is accounted for. Previously, users could only assign a campaign ID to the track external ID which did not serve either  use case, as campaign membership was related to the specific asset engagement and not the other assets in the track. 

With this improvement, you can override the content external id at the track level which can be then used to assign a campaign ID for each content asset.

To use this new functionality, follow these steps.

  1. Open a Target or Recommend Track you want to edit. 
  2. On the left panel, click an existing External ID or select + Add External ID. Either way, a popup menu appears.

    External ID edit menu
  3. Enter the External ID you want to associate with this content. To save your additions, click Update.

If you have performed an external id override action for any contents in the track, when the webhook gets triggered the override values are passed to the respective field in your MAP . If you have added {{external_id}} field merge for external code or you’re passing this as a hidden field for custom forms the override values will get populated accordingly.

Updated on September 14, 2023

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