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Introduction to Website Tools

Website Tools automatically analyzes website content, shows you who is engaging on your site and how they’re engaging, and intelligently recommends the next best content to visitors. Website Tools addresses the need for self-exploration and education, which accelerates the buying journey.

Learn more about Website Tools, how it works, and what it can do for you.

Website Journey Tracking

By adding a PathFactory script on all the webpages you want to track, you can see the individual journey every visitor and account takes through your content. The tracking script collects engagement, behavioural, and firmographic data to provide a comprehensive and holistic picture of your website visitors. This data also powers PathFactory’s recommendation service, the artificial intelligence that drives Website Tools.

In addition to our comprehensive analytics reports, you can send your data into other systems, such as your marketing automation platform and data visualization tools.

Guide and Concierge

The Guide and Concierge website components serve recommended content to your visitors. You can set up multiple types of recommendations, such as recommended for you, trending (at your account, industry, or region), related content, your history, and more. Check out Introduction to Guide and Concierge for more information.

Updated on September 13, 2023

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