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Introduction to the Content Library

What is the Content Library?

The Content Library is where you can easily consolidate all the content that is important to you and your prospects—​owned, earned and third-party content of any type or format—​into a central repository.

The Content Library allows you to organize and configure all of your content which you will use to build your Content Tracks. This makes it easy to reuse and repurpose your content assets in multiple Content Tracks with out having to upload them every time.

Why do you use the Content Library?

The Content Library allows you to access all the content you have uploaded so you can quickly pick and choose content for your campaigns. The library also allows you to sort assets based on tags, media type, language, funnel stage, and more. This allows you to quickly browse your assets, and easily reuse content in multiple campaigns.

How does the Content Library work?

1. Create Tags

Create content tags according to your organization’s tagging system.

2. Upload Content

Add content assets to the Content Library.

3. Configure

Tag content, assign engagement scores to assets, and add thumbnail images.

4. Build

Use and reuse content to create Content Tracks.

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Updated on April 23, 2024

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