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How to Edit and Update Content Assets

PathFactory gives you the ability to edit your content assets by changing the asset name, thumbnail image, tags, and more.

There are two ways to edit your content:

  • Change how content assets appear across all Content Experiences by editing in the Content Library
  • Apply changes to a content asset within a specific Content Track, without affecting how it appears in other Tracks
NoteThis article covers how to make changes within the Content Library. Click here for information on making changes within a specific Content Track.

How to Edit Content Asset Configurations

Content Assets can be edited individually or by bulk. Bulk edit your content when possible to save time!

  1. To edit a single content asset, select its checkbox in the Content Library. To edit multiple content assets at once, hold down the Shift key (Mac) or the Control key (Windows) while selecting content assets.

Content Library

  1. You are now able to edit the General Information, the Public Information, and the Internal Information using the menus provided. Expand each menu to see what information you can add there.
Configuration tabs

iFrame Sandbox

If you have a content asset that cannot be hosted in an iFrame, scroll down the Internal Information menu and then toggle on IFrame Sandbox for the given content asset.

iFrame Sandbox toggle

Update a Source URL for a Content Asset

If you have uploaded a PDF content asset by source URL, changes made to that PDF file at the source will not be automatically reflected in PathFactory.

Editing the source URL will update your PDF content asset, as well as its thumbnail image.

  1. In the configuration window for a content asset, hover over the source URL and click the pencil icon.
Source URL field
  1. The Update Content menu appears. 
Update Content Menu

3. Follow the prompts to update the source URL or the source file of the asset. Once updated, the new asset will show across all your Content Experiences.

Updated on March 12, 2024

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