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Introduction to Forms

What are Forms?

Forms are a way to identify visitors in your content tracks and to collect information about these individuals. Use and customize our standard form layout, or select the External URL or Custom HTML options to bring in an externally created form.

PathFactory’s Form Strategy allows you to fine-tune your forms behavior. You can have forms appear on specific assets and the forms can be dismissible or mandatory. You can also set forms to appear on content tracks after a set amount of time or number of assets consumed.

Why do you use Forms?

Having different forms allows you to tailor the kind of information that will be collected from your visitors.
Customizing your forms can also be a good way to cater to particular audiences. You can change the text that appears on the forms, so you can use a more or less formal tone depending on who your target audience is.

The forms library allows you to reuse existing forms in multiple content tracks.

How do Forms work?

1. Add to Library

Add forms to your Forms Library.

2. Add Capture Tag

If you’re using an externally built form you must add a capture tag to ensure your form fills are communicated to PathFactory.

3. Configure Form Behavior

Select which forms appear in your content track and set their specific timing and behaviors.

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Updated on April 14, 2023

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