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Create a Custom HTML Form

If you are using a Custom HTML Form you must add a capture tag to ensure your form fills are tracked in PathFactory.

Custom HTML Forms are created outside of the PathFactory platform. You can serve an external form in PathFactory by uploading the form’s HTML.

You can also serve external forms by uploading External URLs.

Create the form

  1. Click on Add Form.
    imageAdd Form button

  2. The Add Form window will pop up. Type in the name of your new form and then click Add Form.
    imageAdd Form button

  3. The new form will appear in your form library. The default form type is Standard. Click on Form Type to select a new type.
    imageForm Type option

  4. Select Custom HTML and click Apply.
    imageCustom HTML checkbox


  1. Click Custom HTML.
    imageCustom HTML option

  2. Enter your custom HTML and click Submit to save your changes.
    imageExample of custom HTML

Look and Feel

  1. Click Form Header if you want a form header to be included on your custom HTML form.
    imageForm Header toggle

  2. Click anywhere within the header box to edit this section.
    imageHeader box for Form

  3. You can change the text which will appear on your header. Select Enable Header Image to include an image in your header. Click Update to save your changes.
    imageEnable Header Image checkbox

  4. Click the image space to edit the header’s image.
    imageForm Header Image option

  5. Click the image you want on your header. A yellow box will appear around the selected image. Click Apply to save your selection.
    imageApply button

  6. Click Form Dimensions to edit the size of the form.
    imageForm Dimensions option

  7. Enter the desired size. Click Apply to save your changes.
    Height and width are measured in pixels.

    imagePixel dimensions

  8. If you are using html from an Eloqua or Marketo form you will see an additional configurations to apply default styling to your form, choose a primary and secondary form color and font for your form. These settings will edit your form’s CSS so you can customize the look and feel of your MAP form.
    imageDefault Styling toggle

  9. To preview these changes click on the preview button on the lower left side of the configuration screen.
    imagePreview Form button
Updated on April 14, 2023

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