Introduction to Explore

What are Explore Pages?

Explore Pages allow your visitors to quickly view all content assets in a content track. Each Explore Page you create is built on top of an existing Target or Recommend Content Track.

They’re particularly useful if you don’t want to define a starting asset and would like a visitor to choose from several different options.

Want a video walkthrough? Check out this video from our client success team.

Example of an Explore page

Once you’ve created either a Target or Recommend Content Track you can build and add an Explore Page to it as a deployment option. The Explore Page displays all of the content assets in the associated Content Track, giving visitors a quick index view of all the content available to them.

When do you use Explore Pages?

Explore pages can act as replacements for traditional landing pages or simple microsites.

How do Explore Pages work?

1. Select Base Content Track

Select a Target or Recommend Content Track from which to build your Explore Page.

2. Add Explore Page

Create an Explore Page, apply an Explore Appearance setting, add CTAs, and select search and filter abilities.

3. Share and Measure

Share your Explore page. Track your page’s performance using Explore Analytics.

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Updated on November 28, 2022

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