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Explore Enhancements FAQ


We’ve improved Explore to give you even more ability to customize your Explore pages!

Some of the changes you will find include:

I was using Explore before; what’s changed?

  • Your existing Explore Pages have been migrated to updated Explore
    If you notice any issues with your migrated Explore page, contact support@pathfactory.com
  • Appearance configurations you had previously set for your existing Explore pages have been used to create new Appearance groups
    • Appearance groups created from your existing Explore pages will follow this naming format:

I haven’t used Explore before; what do I need to know?

  1. First, figure out if you have Explore available in your PathFactory instance by checking the left navigation.
    • If you already have Explore it will be visible here
      Explore menu


    • If you don’t see Explore, contact your CSM to discuss adding this feature to your instance
  2. Click Explore and follow the in-app guide to get started building your first Explore page, or read these articles for more in-depth guidance:
    1. Create a new Explore Page
    2. Configure Appearance Settings
    3. Configure Page Settings
    4. Configure Layout Settings
    5. Configure Content Settings
    6. Preview and Publish an Explore page
    7. Rename or Delete an Explore page
Don’t forget to check out Explore use cases to spark your imagination and show you what’s possible!
Updated on April 14, 2023

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