Create a New Explore Page


Explore Pages give your visitors a quick view of all the content assets in your Content Track. Each Explore Page you create is built on top of an existing Target or Recommend Content Track.

Example of an Explore page

Note: Before you make an Explore Page ensure that you have already built a Content Track that you will use as the base.

The process for creating an Explore Page is as follows:

  1. Select base content track (either Target or Recommend)
  2. Configure the appearance settings for your Explore Page
  3. Configure the page, layout, and content settings
  4. Publish using the link or embedding in an email

Select Base Track

  1. Select Explore from the left navigation.

List of Explore tracks

  1. Click on the Create Explore Page button.

    Create Explore Page button
  2. Enter a name for your Explore Page and select a content track to use as your base. You can either create an entirely new Explore page built on an existing Target or Recommend Content Track, or clone an existing Explore Page.
    imageChoose track type

  3. Select which folder the Explore Page will live in, then click Create Explore Page.
    You can move the Explore Page to a different folder later.

    imageSelecting folder to store Explore Page

You’ve created an Explore Page! Now you need to configure your Explore Page; click through to the next article to continue your set up.

Updated on May 18, 2023

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