Introduction to Recommend

What are Recommend Tracks?

Recommend Tracks are collections of content specifically selected by you, and which rely on machine-learning to suggest the ideal content to show your prospects based on what they are already viewing. You are given the power to customize the look and feel of Recommend Tracks, just like in Target, but the order of the content is left up to our powerful algorithms.

When do you use Recommend Tracks?

Recommend Tracks are best used when you don’t yet know who your visitors are or what content they are most interested in. Recommend takes the guesswork out of creating content tracks, and lets your visitors show you what content they want to engage with.
Best practice is to do your best to define a “pool” of audience-appropriate content and let machine learning optimize the assets recommended to each user.

How do Recommend Tracks work?

1. Build

Select the “pool” of content you want in your track, add promoters and a capture form (optional), and customize the appearance, language, and sharing settings.

2. Learn

Once your Recommend Track has been shared PathFactory uses machine-learning to track and find patterns in how visitors are engaging with your content.

3. Optimize

As Recommend learns from visitor behavior it continuously creates the optimal paths through your content, personalized to each individual. If Recommend finds and optimal path it can be exported as a Target track.

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Updated on April 14, 2023

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