Introduction to Target

What are Target Tracks?

Target Tracks are collections of content that you have selected and organized in order to give your visitors a specific content journey. When you create a Target Content Track you have complete control over which content your visitors will see, as well as the order in which they will move through your content. This is a more controlled approach than Recommend Tracks, which use our machine-learning algorithm to recommend certain content to your visitors dynamically based on their viewing behavior.

When do you use Target Tracks?

Target is ideal when you already have knowledge about your visitors, and are able to confidently create an optimized content track for them. You know which content your visitors are interested in, and you know the best order in which to present it.
Target Tracks are ideal for telling a story with content.

How do Target Tracks work?

1. Build

Select content from the Content Library and determine the order of the content. Select promoters and add a form (optional). Choose language, appearance, and sharing settings.

2. Configure

Customize your experience by overriding the default settings. Change the text and behavior of promoters, forms, and even individual assets.

3. Share and Measure

Publish and share your content track. Measure your track’s performance in Pathfactory’s Analytics.

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Updated on April 14, 2023

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