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Introducing: Path Analytics

A unified view of the role of content in the buyer’s journey across all channels

Path Analytics provides actionable insights including overall account penetration, content performance & ROI, and impact on pipeline generation and revenue – giving you a true indication of engagement and sales readiness across your visitors and accounts.

Content Insights

What content is working?

Understand content performance across all your content assets and content types. With Path Analytics, you’ll be able to measure content ROI, along with all the data and insights needed to improve content strategy and tactics. With topic intent reporting, identify the themes and topics driving audience engagement.

Visitor Insights

Who is ready to buy?

View aggregate visitor trends and detailed profiles on your buyers and their engagement with your content.

Account Insights

What is your account penetration?

Measure engagement behavior, scoring, and topic intent data across your key accounts. Have higher quality conversations with target accounts and better intelligence for sales.

Opportunity Insights

What drove revenue?

Sync contact, account, and opportunity data from your CRM to gain insight into content’s influence on pipeline and revenue, and the effectiveness of campaigns.

Path Analytics Resources

Updated on March 12, 2024

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