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Account Based Marketing Solutions

Account Based Marketing takes insights and action to successfully implement and integrate within any existing marketing strategy. PathFactory has you covered in both!

What ABM Solutions do we offer?

With ABM Analytics, you are able to see how specific Accounts are engaging with specific Campaigns or across all Content tracks (either with Recommend or Target), see where specific visitors are coming from, and have the ability to search and discover key accounts that are engaging with you and your content.

Account Based Content consists of two features called PathFactory Segments and Routes. Segments allows you to define key audiences within your ABM Strategy. These audiences can be built around key industries, locations, or specific accounts. Once you have built Segments, you can leverage PathFactory Routes to direct these audiences to specifically tailored content tracks. This means that you can send multiple audiences to multiple content tracks specific to their interests, using only a single link!

As of April 16th, 2020, all Account Identification within PathFactory is provided by 6sense by default. We also support integrations with Demandbase for customers with eligible Demandbase licensing. Contact your CSM to learn more!

Account Based Analytics

  • Account Based Analytics on a specific Recommend or Target Content Track or within all Recommend or all Target Content Tracks
  • Path Analytics: Accounts To see account engagement across all Content Tracks and drill into specific accounts
  • Path Analytics: Content To see which accounts a specific content asset was most popular with, using the Top Accounts table
  • PathFactory for Sales The Dashboard, Account, and Opportunity views within PathFactory for Sales are powered by Account Based Analytics

Account Based Content

What does this include?

  • Segments: Define specific audiences based on industry, location, account, and more!
  • Routes: Direct visitors to different content tracks from a single link, based on which Segments they belong to
  • Route Analytics: View how effectively your routes are sending visitors to their segment-specific content tracks

What can I do with this?

  • Leverage account-based data to ensure you are targeting audience segments
  • Review how your routes are performing, and adjust as needed
  • Provide personalized content tracks to your audience segments
Updated on April 14, 2023

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