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2024 Release Notes: Release K

Released June 4, 2024

Updated Rich Text Editing Menus – The rich text editor has undergone a comprehensive update to enhance your editing experience within Templated Experiences and Content Playlists. The rich text editor has been updated to include the following features:

  • Improved bullet alignment 
  • Theme preset colors to select in the color picker
  • Format painter functionality
  • Ability to insert images
  • Line height configurations 
  • Updated font size picker with arrows and font size type options

Numbers of Assets and Collections Configured on Display – When you access a Templated Experience, its Content Configuration tab now displays numbers next to the Content Assets and Collections tabs. This update allows you to quickly see the volume of assets in the given Templated Experience. To learn more about adding content assets to a Templated Experience, read Content Configuration – Selecting & Adding Your Content Assets, a section within the article, Introduction to Templated Experiences.

Control Asset Ordering in Collections for Related Experiences – A new manual sorting option in Collections provides you with more precise control over the order in which assets appear  in your experiences. You can find out how to configure Collections settings to control the order in which assets appear within related experiences. To learn more, read, How to Modify the Sort Order of Content Assets, a section in the article How to Manage Assets on the Content Configuration Tab.

Performance Insights for Templated Experiences and Content Playlists – You can unlock comprehensive performance insights for your Templated Experiences and Content Playlists with our new reporting dashboards – Overview and Top Experiences. Each of these tabs provide valuable perspectives about your Templated Experiences. To learn more, read How to View Overall Performance Analytics for Templated Experiences & Content Playlists.

Toggle for 0-Second Visit Inclusion – A new toggle to the Analytics tab within Content Playlists and Templated Experiences now allows you to include or exclude 0-second visits in your analytic reports. To find out how to activate or deactivate this toggle, read Creating, Analyzing & Sharing Reports for Templated Experiences and Content Playlists.

Updated on June 20, 2024

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