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Templated Experience Reporting

You can view analytic reports to see how your Templated Experiences are performing. This allows you to view engagement metrics such as total engagement time, total views, bounce rate, and more.

To view performance metrics for a specific Templated Experience, open it.

  1. Click Content Activation, then select Templated Experiences.
Templated Experiences menu item
Templated Experiences menu item

2. From the list of Templated Experiences that appear, select one to open it. Proceed to the Reports tab.

Reports tab 1

Reports tab

3. On the Reports tab you see two sub-tabs, labeled Visitors & Accounts and Performance.

Visitors & Accounts Sub-tab

On this sub-tab you see engagement data for Views, Visitors, Accounts, and Time Spent within a Templated Experience. The table below the screenshot explains the data being shown in each field. 

Visitors & Accounts sub-tab
Total ViewsThis is the total number of views, no matter if the visitor is returning or viewing the Templated Experience for the first time. This metric does not discriminate between visitor types; instead, it records the number of views across all visitors.
Bounce RateThis is the percentage of visitors who enter and leave a single page, e.g. a Landing Page of a Templated Experience, without taking any further action.

Bounce rate is calculated by taking the number of bounces divided by the number of sessions in a given period. However, if the visitor completes a content click or fills out a form though, it is not considered a bounce. Even though the visitor only viewed one page, because they completed an action, it is not considered a bounce.  
Engaged VisitorsThis is the total number of visitors.
New VisitorsThis is the number of initial visits that occurred within the selected date range in the filter.

For example, if the first visit occurs within the selected date filter in the dashboard, then the visit is considered as coming from a new visitor.
Engaged AccountsThis is the total number of accounts that visited your Templated Experience for the selected date range.
Total Engagement TimeThis is the total amount of time visitors have spent viewing the Templated Experience. Displayed in HH:MM:SS.
Avg Engagement TimeThis is the average amount of time visitors spent with the content asset. This is calculated by dividing the Total Engagement Time by the Total Views. Displayed in HH:MM:SS.
Engagement Trends for the PeriodThis chart shows the daily total engagement for the chosen period for each Landing Page (not Content Pages) in the Templated Experience.
# of AccountsThis is the total number of unique accounts from which  visitors accessed your Templated Experience. (See also Engaged Accounts.)
Most Engaged AccountsThis is a list of accounts that have engaged with the content.  A session is a visit to the experience or content from a single visitor. A visit consists of clicking on Landing Pages, viewing content assets, downloading information, and form fills. This  list contains your most-engaged accounts from the selected filter time frame, ranked in order by total session counts. 
# of VisitorsThis is the total number of visitors who clicked on your Templated Experience.
Most Engaged VisitorsThis is the total number of visitors who engaged with your Templated Experience during the selected period.
Top 3 IndustryThese are the 3 industries (based on total engagement time) that have engaged the most with your Templated Experience.
Top IndustriesThese are the top industries that have engaged most with your content, up to 20 industries. 
To 3 CountriesThese are the 3 countries (based on total engagement time) that have engaged with your Templated Experience. 
Top CountriesThese are the top countries that have engaged the most with your content, up to 20 countries.

Performance Sub-tab

On this sub-tab you see top performing Content, Topics, and Channels for the Templated Experience.  Below the screen capture read on to find out what data is being shown here.

Performance sub-tab
Known VisitorsThis is the number of known visitors that have viewed your content. A known visitor is someone that has spent time engaging with your Templated Experience and is associated with an email address. The visitor either clicked an email tracking link or filled out a form (with the capture tag on it).
Unknown VisitorsThis is the total number of unidentified visitors who visited any of your Templated Experiences. 

These are visitors who do not have an email address associated with their engagement data. The visitors may or may not be associated with an account but their individual details are still unknown (name, title, email, etc.).
Content Views GraphThis is the total number of content asset page views for all content assets in all the Landing Pages in a Templated Experience.
Trending TopicsThese are the topics that your visitors engaged with most for the chosen period, sorted by popularity. Topics shown are Smart Topics captured in the Content ibrary.  
Top 3 ContentsThis graph shows page views for most accessed content assets.
Top 3 ChannelsThis graph shows page views from direct, internal or other channels.
Channels are detected based on the UTM parameter utm_medium. If the value is NULL or empty then it is considered direct traffic, if the value is unknown, then it is considered other. Any other value detected is listed in direct or internal channels.
Top Performing ContentsThis table provides a list of your top 20 content assets according to their total page views. This table also provides the total number of visitors each content asset had.
Top Performing ChannelsThese are the channels that have engaged the most with your content. The channels listed here are shown based on the utm_medium captured from the query string of a content URL.
Top Performing CampaignsThis list is based on the utm_campaign, captured from the query string of a content URL or the name of the email campaign activated in PathFactory.
# of CampaignsThis section displays the total number of campaigns that have used or are using this Templated Experience.
Performance of Template ElementsThis table lists the Landing Pages for the given Templated Experience, its page views, unique visitors, # events, #CTA clicks, average scroll depth (expressed as a percentage), and the average # of events per visitor.  

An event in this case is a click, whether it’s on content, CTAs, or even scrolling through the Templated Experience without clicking on any of the content itself. 

To find out more about Templated Experiences, read Introduction to Templated Experiences.

Updated on July 21, 2023

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