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How to Manage Assets on the Templated Experiences Content Configuration Tab

The Content Configuration tab has a tabular format, drag-and-drop functionality, and multi-select capability to make content management easier and faster. Use this tab to organize, curate and add details (e.g., images, tags, descriptions) to your assets more effectively. 

To see this feature in action, follow these steps: 

  1. On the main navigation, click Content Activation and then select Templated Experiences. In the list of Templated Experiences that opens, select one and then click the edit icon. 
Templated Experiences main view
  1. With the Templated Experience open, select the Content Configuration tab.
Content Configuration tab
  1. You’ll notice the list of assets is in a table, and each asset has a trash bin icon for easy removal from the given Experience. 
  2. When you select an asset, a panel appears on the right side to display details about that asset. 
Content Asset Details
  1. Using the side panel, you can view the asset, forward a link to the asset for someone else to read, or delete the asset, as shown below.
Controls for an Asset
  1. You may also change the thumbnail being displayed for this asset and its title.
  • To change the image, hover over the thumbnail to see an edit icon. Click the icon and follow the prompts to insert a new image. 
Edit icon
  • To edit the asset’s title, hover over the title to see a pencil icon. 
Pencil icon
  • Click the pencil and proceed to enter the new title. To save the new title, click the checkmark. To cancel the change, click the x. 
Title of Asset
Updated on February 8, 2024

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