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2024 Release Notes: Release I

Released May 7, 2024

Override the Description of Content Assets and Collections – This functionality is available on the Content Configuration tab for both Content Playlists and Templated Experiences. Similar to other overrides, you can customize the description to be displayed for content assets and Collections. For further details on managing overrides for content assets, refer to How to Manage Assets on the Content Configuration Tab.

See Improved Usability with Mobile Views Bottom Bar – When visitors view content assets on mobile, they’ll now find a horizontally scrollable bottom bar. This bar displays previews of the previous content asset and the next content asset to improve the mobile content experience. For more details on this enhancement, refer to How to Customize a Theme for Content Page Template Appearances.

Hide the Site Name and Partnership Site Name in Mobile View – To improve mobile viewing, the Site Name & Account Site Name will not appear in the header of a Templated Experience Content Page or a Content Playlist when a visitor is viewing them on a mobile device. Find out more details about this feature in the article How to Customize a Theme for Content Page Template Appearances.

Set and Adjust Padding for Theme Sections – You can now add and adjust default padding for all sections in a Theme. Within the resulting Templated Experience, you can activate the Override Padding toggle to customize the amount of padding in any section of a Content Page, Landing Page, or Content Playlist. To find out how to set and adjust settings for padding, read Introduction to Themes

Add CTAs to Content Pages and Content Playlists – You can now add up to three CTAs in the sidebar of Content Playlists and Templated Experiences Content Pages. To find out more,  read How to Set up Content Page Templates, a section in the article How to Build Content Page Templates and Landing Page Templates

Configure the Appearance for the CTA in the Content Page Template – You can now configure the appearance of CTAs in a Templated Experience Content Page and in a Content Playlist. To find step-by-step instructions on how to add and configure CTA appearances, read Content Page Settings – Build a Content Page Experience, a section in the article Introduction to Templated Experiences

Customize Form Header & Description in Embedded Forms – You can now customize the header and description for any embedded form that you want to display on a Landing Page. To use this feature, the form’s source must be the Form Library. To find out more, read How to Build Landing Page Templates, a section in the article Introduction to Templated Experiences

Use Improved Editing Menus in Templated Experiences – We’ve improved the rich text editor used in the Templated Experiences WYSIWYG editing menus. This new menu has features such as Clear All Formatting, Undo and Redo. To find out more about editing the text appearance for a Templated Experience, read Introduction to Templated Experiences

Updated on May 13, 2024

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