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2024 Release Notes: Release H

Released April 23, 2024

Exit Promoters – Expand your re-engagement and conversion toolkit for Templated Experiences and Content Playlists by using now available Exit Promoters. Exit Promoters, like Inactivity Promoters, help capture visitor attention or prompt conversions by pinning high-value assets or presenting forms to visitors who may otherwise leave your PathFactory Experience. Customize the wording and format of your Exit Promoters to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing visitor experience that aligns with your brand identity. Learn how to integrate Exit Promoters into Templated Experiences and Content Plays in the section How to Add Exit Promoters to Templated Experiences and Content Playlists, a section in the article How to Add Promoters.

Embedded Views in Salesforce Lead Page – Customers using PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence (PFRI) can now see embedded a Buyer Details Page dashboard on any lead record within Salesforce. Revenue team members can now access rich PathFactory Content Intelligence for contacts and leads in your Salesforce CRM. Explore more about buyer types in the Buyers Insight section of the Introduction to Accounts, Opportunities & Buyer Insights Dashboards in PathFactory For Revenue Intelligence article.

Updated on May 8, 2024

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