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2024 Release Notes: Release F

Released on March 27, 2024

Templated Experience Enhancements

Clone a Landing Page Template within a Theme – You can now clone a Landing Page template to expedite campaign template creation by repurposing elements and structures from pre-existing templates. For step-by-step guidance, refer to How to Clone a Landing Page Template in Introduction to Themes

New Landing Page Section: Hero with Image Carousel – You can now create a carousel in a Templated Experiences Hero Section with  a series of images, copy, and a scroll timer. For details on how to set up this section, read Hero Section Type Details, in the article How to Build Content Page Templates and Landing Page Templates

Improved Navigation to Templates from Landing Pages – Administrative level users can now access Templates and associated Theme Settings with one click for improved user workflow when Theme Configurations need to be modified for a Templated Experience. To see this new feature in action, read 1. Details – Define Your General Settings in the article, Introduction to Templated Experiences

Add Pagination to a Content Playlist in Content Page Setup – You can now display a count of  the total assets in an experience in the sidebars of Templated Experiences and Content Playlists. Read more about this new feature in How to Build Content Page Templates and Landing Page Templates.

Configure Custom Slugs for Collections – A URL slug refers to the end part of a URL after the backslash (“/”) that identifies the specific page or post. You can now create custom URL slugs for Collections. This gives you added control over branding and descriptiveness in the URLs you use to activate content experiences. To learn how to implement this feature, please read How to Add a Custom Slug to a Collection, in the article How to Create and Use Collections For Templated Experiences.

Add Favicon Configuration in Theme Settings for Templated Experiences & Content Playlists – You can now create a custom Favicon in Theme Settings that will appear on the browser tab for all associated Templated Experiences to enhance branding and navigation in Experiences. To find out how to add a Favicon to a Templated Experience, read section How to Create/Configure a Theme File, a section within Introduction to Themes.

Analytics Enhancements

Bot Exclusion Filter – In Templated Experience reporting, there is a new toggle available labeled “Exclude Bot Traffic” that is, by default, turned On to automatically remove bot traffic from reporting views. Marketers can turn Off the toggle to better understand what activation channels may be sending a lot of bot traffic to experiences vs. real human engagement. For more information, read Creating, Analyzing & Sharing Reports for Templated Experiences.

All Visitors Data Table – There is a new column in All Visitors Data table (Content Internal Title) that lets you see details of the specific content viewed by individual visitors. Please read the section All Visitors Data Table, within the article Creating, Analyzing & Sharing Reports for Templated Experiences, for additional details. 

Updated on April 8, 2024

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