Storing PathFactory Data in Pardot


This article describes where PathFactory engagement data appears in Pardot.

Your PathFactory engagement data will only appear in Pardot after you have set up one (or both) of the following integrations:

  • Your PathFactory and Pardot instances have been connected using the Pardot API
  • You have set up PathFactory webhooks

Since PathFactory engagement data can only appear in the Pardot records of known visitors, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • The lead has a Pardot cookie that had already been associated with their email address
    Note: Our platform will attempt to obtain the email address using the Pardot cookie as long as the Pardot API integration has been set up.

    Alternatively, the lead will have to do one of the following:

  • Open a PathFactory Content Track (sent using the Email Tracking Link) from within a Pardot email, or
  • Submit either a PathFactory standard form or a Pardot form (with PathFactory’s Capture Tag) that they were presented with during their engagement with the Content Track.

Data from Pardot API Integration

If you have set up the Pardot API integration, you will receive Visit Web Page data in Pardot.

Each visit to any of the content assets in your PathFactory Content Tracks will result in a Visitor Page View Activity being created in the Activity Log of the lead’s record in Pardot.

  • The activity will appear in the Activity Log as soon as the lead lands on the PathFactory asset.
    Example of an Activity Log
    Example of an Activity Log
    Example of Visitor Page Views
    Example of Visitor Page Views


Data from Webhooks

If you have integrated PathFactory and Pardot using webhooks, you will receive data on your leads in the custom fields you’ve created, and this data will be found in the prospect’s record.

  • PathFactory engagement data sent via a Form Capture webhook appears within 2 minutes after the form submission.
  • PathFactory engagement data sent via a Visitor Session webhook or Activity webhook appears 30 minutes after the visitor has finished engaging with any of your PathFactory content tracks.
Custom Fields menu
Custom Fields menu
Updated on April 14, 2023

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