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Product Release Notes Version 21.0 – December 5th, 2017

The following are included in the 21.0 release on December 5th, 2017.

In this release, we are introducing LookbookHQ’s Public API, Improvements to Route Analytics and Explore for Recommend with a miscellaneous group of improvements and bug fixes.

New Features

LookbookHQ’s Public API

  • You can leverage LookbookHQ’s Public API to extract all LookbookHQ engagement data to any data warehouse or 3rd party system. To learn more, click here.

Enhanced Forms

  • With a redesign User Interface, we have improved how you can leverage your existing forms within your Content Experiences
  • Gate high value assets with a lead capture form and present offers to your most engaged visitors. To learn more click here.

Explore for Recommend

  • Leveraging Explore with Recommend allows you to deliver content in a way that will more optimized content experiences to help visitors consume more assets, and to improve binge rates. To learn more, click here

Other New Features

  • Add Account Information to Visitor Journeys per Session CSV
  • Filters for Explore for Recommend on Mobile
  • Ability to Filter by “Segment” within a Content Experience
  • Known Visitor Toggle filters engagement correctly


Improvements to Route Analytics

  • You can now see which segments are driving the most engagement within a specific Route through the timeline chart
  • Hover over any of the bar segments and you can see the name of the segment and the number of visits for that segment that day

Other Improvements

  • CSV Renames to identify correct type of CSV for Visitor Journeys per Session

Bug Fixes

  • Like and Unlike within the Flow Promoter
  • Carousels are being populated correctly for Explore for Recommend
  • Fixed Insecure Log In Attempts
  • Visitor Sessions are now being marked correctly for exclusions rules and are only applied to future sessions
  • Email submission are being tracked correctly for Content Experience Analytics
  • Upload process for multiple PDFs are generating the correct thumbnail images
  • Autoplay videos behave differently on mobile by respecting the user’s data and browsing preferences
  • Website Content Experience appears correctly for Internet Explorer 11
Updated on April 14, 2023

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