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How to Set Up Guide

Currently in Controlled Availability. Contact your CSM for more information on accessing this feature.


Guide is a new promoter you can use to recommend content to users on your website. Guide sits on top of specified pages on your website, and uses PathFactory’s Recommendation service to leverage both uploaded content (from your existing Content Library) and tracked pages from your website.

How do I use Guide?

  1. Enable website tracking on the domain which will run guide
  2. Use Appearance and Language configurations to customize the text, fonts, and colors of the Guide promoter
  3. Set the location for Guide on your website
Prerequisite: Ensure you have enabled website tracking on the domain where you will run Guide.

How does this promoter display content on my website?

  • First party content (ie. content from the same domain or subdomain) will open in the same browser tab
  • Third party content (ie. content from other domains) will open in a lightbox on top of the page

Check out the Website Tools FAQ here!

Step 1: Configure Appearance and Language


  1. Click the settings button (gear icon) and select Appearances from the drop-down menu.
    imageAppearances menu item

  2. Select Guide.
    Be sure to configure your default appearance settings for guide.

    imageGuide tab

  3. Configure the color and text settings.
    imageColor and Text settings menu

  4. You able to add a default image; this image will be displayed in the guide concierge in the event that a piece of content has no generated thumbnail image.
    imageImage Fallback

  5. Click Save Guide Settings.
    imageSave Guide Settings


  1. Click the settings button (gear icon) and select Languages from the drop-down menu.
    imageLanguages menu item

  2. Select Guide.
    imageGuide tab

  3. After you’ve made the desired changes to the copy displayed on your guide concierge, click Save Guide Settings.
    imageSave Guide Settings button

Step 2: Add the Guide promoter to your website

  1. Select Website Tools from the main navigation.
    imageWebsite Tools icon

  2. Select the domain which will run Guide.
    imageDomain selection

  3. Click + Promoter to add the Guide promoter.
    imageAdd Promoter button

  4. Specify the URL location for the Guide promoter.
    To add Guide to all pages on your website you can use the following format: yourwebsite.com/*

    imageURL location

  5. Select the URL location you just created, and change both the Enabled and Guide toggles to ON.
    imageEnabled and Guide toggles

  6. [Optional] Add a CTA to your Guide promoter.
    CTAs linking to forms are not currently supported in Guide.

    imageCTA selection

Ensure that the website location is enabled.
imageEnabled option

Setup Checklist

Updated on April 14, 2023

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