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Website Tools FAQ

For information on how to set up and use Website Tools, see the following:

Is a content track required for setting up Guide and Concierge?

No content track is needed to setup Guide and Concierge. Guide and Concierge will automatically pull content from your content library and any website pages with the PathFactory Jukebox tracking scripts.

Does the user need to upload website content in the content library for it to appear as a recommendation?

No. Website pages with the PathFactory Jukebox tracking scripts will be available for Website Tools Recommendations automatically.

What types of website pages will be available for recommendations?

Website pages where the tracking scripts are present and tracked will be available for the recommendations in website tools. However, pages with query strings in URLs will be ignored.

Is it possible to exclude website pages from showing up as a recommendation?

Excluding website pages from the Recommendation Engine V2 is not supported at this time and will be available at some point during Controlled Availability or in v2 of Website Tools. For uploaded content, the user can click on the Exclude from Recommendation checkbox on an asset in the content library.

Can I control the placement of the Guide on a Website Page?

Not directly through the configuration of the promoter in the application, but using CSS styling on a webpage it is possible to move the promoter up or down on the page.

Are Website Tools GDPR compliant?

You are able to execute javascript functions provided by PathFactory on your website page(s) in conjunction with the PathFactory Jukebox tracking scripts which allow customers with 3rd party cookie consent tools to manage PathFactory anonymous tracking.

If consent is provided on the website by running the PathFactory javascript consent function, the PathFactory cookie will be updated from a session to a permanent cookie. This will extend visitor tracking beyond the current session, and allow the visitor to be de-anonymized in the future by PathFactory.

If consent is not provided, then the visitor will be anonymous for that visitor session and de-anonymization will not be possible.

This is similar to how current campaign-centric website promoters work with 3rd party cookie consent tools.

What cookies does PathFactory use on the website?

PathFactory uses a cookie called “vid” which is used to collect information about analytics and behavior habits to personalize content experiences to a visitor’s interests. Upon consent (by running the PathFactory JS function on the website page), this cookie will become persistent with an expiration of 2 years of inactivity. This is the same cookie used on Content Tracks.

Will existing Website Promoters work with Website Tools?

If there are pages configured with the existing campaign-centric website promoters, and you configure website tools on the same page or group of pages, then the Website Tools will take precedence over the promoters and the existing website promoters will not execute.

Does PathFactory Website Tracking need to be enabled to run Guide or Concierge?

Yes. The PathFactory Jukebox tracking scripts are needed to run Guide and Concierge on a website page.

With a few minutes of being added to the content library.

Will the Recommendation Service leverage existing Topics or Smart Topics to recommend the next best asset?

No, topics derived during the content upload process are independent from the topics that are used to determine content recommendations.

In v1 of the new Recommendation Service, videos with text descriptions, web pages with text, and PDF documents are capable of being recommended by Website Tools (as long as the text is extracted properly).

What Language is used to determine the recommendation?

Content asset recommendations will be determined using English in v1 of the Recommendation Service.

Updated on April 17, 2023

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