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Summer Release 2024: Release Notes

Released June 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned PathFactory user or just getting started, you’ll find that PathFactory’s Summer Release 2024 product features make it easier than ever to build content experiences, manage your assets, and gather audience and performance insights.

Check out this Product Highlights video and read the sections below for descriptions of each new feature, with links to detailed articles that will guide you through using each new capability.

Summer Release 2024 Highlights

Meet the New PathFactory User Experience for B2B Marketers

We are pleased to announce a major update to PathFactory’s user interface. Our refreshed user experience offers an intuitive design and menus that have been reorganized to enhance ease-of-use, workflow efficiency, and accessibility.

Note: If you are a PathFactory customer who hasn’t yet switched to the new user experience, and would like to, please contact your Customer Success Manager who will guide you through the process. 

PathFactory Homepage

Introducing Dynamic Personalization Using Segment Rules 

We are thrilled to introduce a new Dynamic Personalization feature in PathFactory. This powerful new capability allows marketers to create a single template that dynamically customizes section copy, logos, and images in real-time based on visitor identity. By leveraging audience cohorts built in PathFactory Segments, you can activate scalable, automated ABM (Account-Based Marketing) programs and content experience personalizations. This feature is available for use in both Templated Experiences and Content Playlists.

Key Benefits

  • Build one template and scale it endlessly—use custom field merges to personalize text, images or videos. For example, create a single Templated Experience that automatically customizes by account, industry, or other identifiers
  • Deliver personalized content for target known and unknown visitors (using 6Sense, Demandbase, or custom query parameters)

To learn more about this new feature and how to use it, see the Guide to Using PathFactory’s Dynamic Personalization Feature.

New Custom Taxonomy Categories and Tagging Capabilities

In addition to the standard/default taxonomy fields available in the PathFactory Content Library today, you can now create Custom Categories and Tags tailored to your organization’s unique labeling requirements. For example, you could create Custom Categories based on your own internal terminology for audience segments (e.g., beginners, experts) or company-specific customer lifecycle stage names.

You now also have the ability to create buyer-facing tags and “internal-only” tags to your assets for easier content management and experience activation capabilities. Custom Categories and Tags can also be used to automate the population of experiences with relevant new assets added to your Library using the Smart Collections feature. 

To learn more about how to make the most out of these new features, check out our comprehensive content management tutorial, Tutorial: How to Manage Assets, Tagging and Taxonomy in Your PathFactory Content Library.

AI Content Recommendations and Content Plays for BDRs and Sellers 

The Individual Buyer Details page in PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence now provides an AI Content Recommendations sidebar that suggests next-best asset(s) to share with the buyer based on their previous consumption history and other content engagement occurring across buyers with similar contact, account and opportunity data in Salesforce (when available).

The PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Content Play sharing workflow has also been updated to allow BDRs and sellers to auto-generate net-new content experiences on the fly using the AI recommendations. Reps can quickly and easily initiate a workflow and share content from directly within their PFRI dashboards. Content can be shared via email or by generating a trackable, shareable link to use within another system.

Using PathFactory account and buyer insights combined with AI content recommendations, reps can increase the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of sales outreach efforts.

For more information on using Content Plays and AI Content Recommendations, check out our detailed guide, How to Use PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Content Plays and AI Content Recommendations for Sales Outreach.

New PathFactory Homepage Analytics Dashboards

The PathFactory Homepage now offers comprehensive analytics dashboards and filterable views that marketers can use to gain deeper insights into their audiences’ behaviors and content engagement patterns.

The new dashboard views you’ll find on the Homepage enable you to evaluate the performance of your content assets and experiences based on various attributes, such as campaign, industry, and form conversion rates. You can also anchor customizable shortcut links at the top of the Home screen for easy access to important URLs.

For more details on these analytics features, have a look at Introduction to PathFactory Homepage Analytics.

Introducing Content Playlists, a New Content Experience Type

Content Playlists are an engaging content experience type in PathFactory that allow marketers to deliver tailored selections of content assets to target audiences. Whether you aim to share industry insights, customer success stories, thought leadership, or training materials, Content Playlists provide an engaging format that can be tailored to meet a wide variety of marketing objectives and visitor preferences.

For PathFactory customers still using Content Tracks, you can think of Content Playlists as the next generation of Content Tracks that require less work to set up and activate and provide enhanced capabilities.

Content Playlists are powered by content assets and Collections (Manual or Smart) in your Content Library. They incorporate rules-driven content recommendations, parameter-based asset ordering, and AI-driven suggestions to dynamically adjust content based on individual visitor behavior and preferences. Content Playlist experiences can be activated behind any click or CTA on any channel, driving increased engagement and aligning with various marketing program objectives. For a detailed guide on creating and using Content Playlists, including setup, adding content assets, configuring display options, and leveraging advanced features like AI-driven recommendations, please refer to Introduction to Content Playlists.

Updated on June 12, 2024

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