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2024 Release Notes: Release C

Released February 14, 2024

Release C includes the following new features and functionality. Click the related articles for full details on each item.

Templated Experiences 

  • New Form Performance Reporting – Gain deeper insights into the effectiveness of forms in your Templated Experiences with this newly available reporting view. To learn more, read Form Performance Reporting for Templated Experiences.
  • Enhanced Customization for Content Page Templates – Now you can tailor the appearance of your Content Pages with greater precision and flexibility by customizing Theme elements like titles, fonts, colors, images. For more information, take a look at: How to Customize a Theme for Content Page Templates.
  • Faster, More Streamlined Image Uploading – Adding images to your Templated Experiences is now simpler than ever. Learn how to effortlessly integrate images into your content with our step-by-step guide: How to Upload Images to Templated Experiences.

Virtual Events (VEX) 

How to Use Hidden Publishing for Virtual Event Session Testing – Ensure meticulous testing and control over your Virtual Event sessions with our latest feature. Learn how to use this hidden status option effectively in our guide, How to Hide Published Virtual Event Sessions During Review and Testing.

PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence

With this release you will be able to see new engagement data reflected in the PFRI dashboards in 2 hours (previously the system updated every 24 hours) so that you can take action on it more quickly. If you want to learn more about PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence, start here: Getting Started with PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence (PFRI).

Updated on February 29, 2024

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