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2020 Release Notes: Release L

We are excited to inform you that Release L is now live. In this release we will catch you up on all the great work we have been doing on our newest product, Website Tools. Plus we’ve made some updates to the core platform, VEX customizations and analytics.

Platform Updates

Increased SEO Title Length in the Content Library Configuration

We had previously set the maximum SEO title length to be 65 characters to follow best practices documented by Google, however we had feedback from some customers that they want the choice to extend that title length in certain circumstances. We have since increased the maximum field length to accommodate. As a reminder of 65 characters being a best practice, we have color coded the character count so that any title less than 65 characters shows in green and anything over 65 characters in length shows the character count in red.

As a reminder, the SEO title is used specifically for SEO – if this field is not completed, the SEO title will revert to the regular title of the content.


Path Analytics – child folders included when parent folders selected

Previously in Path Analytics you had to manually select all the child folders that were nested under a parent folder to get the complete picture of the analytics of a group of folders. We have updated it so when a parent folder is selected, it will automatically pull in the child folder structure beneath it to improve the user experience within Path Analytics.

Simply use the same search bar at the top today which you can already use for search in internal and external title. You can search by entering a complete or partial URL.


Added an On Demand Label to Session Cards

On any page in VEX which shows a listing of Session Groups, we have always had a label on the session card when the session is Live to let viewers know that the session is happening now. We have now added a similar label to on demand sessions to indicate to viewers that the session is available on demand. This will appear automatically for your sessions that are Live or On Demand on your session cards, and is determined by the start time and end time of the session, and whether you have configured an on demand video for the session.


Event Description Text Editor

We have added WYSIWYG functionality to the event description field to allow you to give you greater control over the text in the description. This includes bolding, hyperlinking, adding line breaks, and more to the event description that appears on the event home page.

To customize the copy and style, navigate to the appearance tab in the event and click on the Add Description field under the hero image. When you edit the field, you will be able to select different options to easily style the text shown.


Website Tools

We have been hard at work on the development of our new product Website Tools. For those of you who don’t remember from previous updates, it provides AI-driven content intelligence and delivers 1:1 micro-personalized content journeys to website visitors based on their unique behaviors. In a world where most personalization is based on demographic and firmographic attributes, Website Tools is unique. Similar to Amazon and Nextflix it personalizes the content journey based on a visitors behavior and our understanding of content (“you are what you eat”). We wanted to give you a quick update on what we have been working on so you are fully in the know!

  • Website journey tracking to understand how your visitors are interacting with your website
  • Website components: Guide and Concierge to easily surface micro-personalized content recommendation to the visitor
  • Adding CTAs to your components to drive visitors to convert in the moment
  • Micro-personalized content Recommendation Service to provide accurate recommendations based on the unique preferences of the individual
  • New in Q4: Configure content sources, segments and pools to indicate which content you would like to recommend  to your visitors
  • New in Q4: Intelligent form strategy to surface forms to visitors after spending a predetermined amount of time with the content to improve conversion rates
  • Updated in Q4: Analytics and reporting to provide insights on how your visitors are engaging with your content, where they are bouncing and converting, the firmographic data associated to them and more

We hope that you found the improvements in this release helpful as they were all driven by you, our customers! As always, we love hearing your feedback on how we can make our products better. If you have feedback, please reach out to your CSM. Stay safe and to all of our American neighbors – Happy Thanksgiving!

Updated on April 13, 2023

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