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Website Tools Overview

Currently in Controlled Availability. Contact your CSM for more information on accessing this feature.


PathFactory’s new Website Tools are a suite of three new product features:

  1. Website Tracking: Track visitor engagement across all digital content
  2. Guide: Navigate visitors through your website to help them find the content they need
  3. Concierge: Personalized recommendations and viewing history for each of your website visitors
Website Tracking must be enabled on your website to use the Guide and Concierge promoters.

Check out the Website Tools FAQ here!

Selecting Pages for Recommendation in Website Tools

By default, all content in the website library will be used in the Recommendation service. If you want to exclude content from being Recommended, you can select an individual asset or group of assets in your Content Library and disable the Include in Recommend Service toggle.
imageInclude in Recommended Service toggle

Updated on April 14, 2023

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