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FAQs for Website Tools

It takes a lot of data to train an AI; how much traffic does Website Tools need?

Website Tools has no minimum traffic requirement to be effective.

The artificial intelligence that powers Website Tools analyzes your content and visitor behavior. For certain content-based recommendations, such as  related content, no visitor data is required.

For recommendations related to visitor engagement, Website Tools is designed to provide recommendations with a complete cold start. As the artificial intelligence gathers and analyzes more visitor data, the recommendations are automatically adjusted.

Website tracking

What is Website Journey Tracking?

Website Journey Tracking allows you to create a holistic view for visitor and account engagement on your website. PathFactory’s tracking script collects engagement, behavioural, and firmographic data to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your website visitors. The analytics included with Website Journey Tracking help you to understand how key accounts, industries, and company sizes are engaging with your website.

Website Journey Tracking is also leveraged by PathFactory’s Recommendation Service to power AI-driven content recommendations to website visitors.

When do you use Website Journey Tracking?

Website Journey Tracking is best used when you are looking for deeper insight in your website visitor behaviour. Once the tracking script is installed, Website Journey Tracking will begin tracking data that you can use to inform marketing and sales efforts based on engagement across your entire website.

Guide and Concierge

Why is my component not rendering?

Recommendations rely on two key factors: content and visitor engagement. Together, PathFactory’s Recommendation Service generates a set of recommendations for the visitor. If the Recommendation Service needs more visitor engagement data, recommendations may not be generated and components may not render as a result. This is to prevent empty components from being displayed on your website.

Some classes of recommendations, such as Related Content, do not require visitor engagement as an input. However, these classes may require enough parsable text from the page to determine what the page is about and how it is related to other pages. So, if you notice scenarios where Related Content is configured correctly but not rendering, it may be because the Recommendation Service cannot determine what that particular page is about or cannot find other pages that are related to it.

Other classes of recommendations such as Recommended For You and Trending require visitor engagement data. So if they are configured correctly but you notice scenarios where they are not rendering, it may be because there is not enough engagement data from the visitor (or other visitors that share a key attribute with that visitor). As that visitor (or other visitors) engage more, components that are driven by these classes of recommendations will begin to render.

To learn more, see Introduction to the PathFactory Recommendation Service.

User roles

The Website Tools suite is accessible and configurable by Administrator level users. Author and Reporting user roles will not be able to access Website Tools. To learn more about user roles, read User roles.

Administrator users are able to:

  • Add and manage website properties
  • View and export Website Journey Tracking reports
  • Manage website content analysis
  • Configure and enable recommendations and website components
Updated on April 4, 2023

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