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Third Party Tracking Pixels in PathFactory

Clients may choose to add additional tracking to their tracks to monitor activity in other reporting tools. Third-party tracking pixels can be loaded when the track is being visited or when a form has been submitted. Tracking pixel HTML snippets are typically added as images (img html tag) or as javascript to the track or page.

Adding a tracking pixel to a track

  1. Create an External Code containing the tracking pixel HTML snippet.
    1. Be sure to change the location to Bottom Body Tag
    2. Enable 3rd Party Cookie to limit the tracking pixel to visitors that have accepted cookie consent

Optional: Use PathFactory field merges to increase the data insights in the third-party tracking reporting

imageExternal Code Name

Adding form conversion tracking pixel to PathFactory

Form conversion tracking pixels are typically shown on the Thank you page following the submission. Your marketing automation platform’s form tool may have varying methods to display content after a submission. Please contact your marketing automation platform support for additional details. Below are some sample methods.

Marketo: Update the form embed code to append the tracking pixel HTML snippet or image.


Your Marketo form embed code will look similar to the one shown below:

imageEmbed Code example

With the capture tag and tracking pixel, the embed code in a PathFactory custom form, may become:

imageEmbed Code example

Eloqua: Update the Confirmation Landing page with the tracking pixel image.

Open the confirmation page in the Landing Page editor. Add a Custom Code component and insert the third-party tracking pixel code snippet and save.

imageForm Confirmation Page

Pardot: Update the Thank You Code to include the tracking pixel HTML snippet

imageThank You Code

Hubspot: Update the hubspot form embed code to include the tracking pixel HTML snippet


Your form code will look similar to the one shown below:

imageShare Your Form menu

With the capture tag and tracking pixel, the Hubspot form code may look similar to the following:

imageExample of Capture Tag and Tracking Pixel code

Please contact PathFactory support if you have difficulty updating your custom forms in PathFactory.


Q: Does PathFactory support third-party pixel tracking?

A: Yes, additional tracking scripts can be added using External Code. If the third-party tracking pixel is meant to record form submission, the pixel will need to be added to the form.

Q: Can the third-party pixel tracking be loaded on all tracks?

A: Yes, after the external code is created, update its settings to be globally enabled. All Target and Recommend tracks will automatically include the external code.

Updated on April 14, 2023

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