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Introduction to Analytics

What are Analytics?

PathFactory’s powerful analytics functions are what turn the mass of visitor data into actionable insights. The ability to track, measure, and compare engagement data is what gives you feedback on how visitors are actually interacting with your content and identify patterns of behavior.

Analytics is where you can directly access the data that has been collected from all visitor interactions with your content tracks. See how many times your content tracks have been viewed, find out which content your visitors are spending the most time with, and use what you learn to make more informed business decisions.

Do you want to use your PathFactory in external platforms too? Read about the integrations we support here.

The following are the different levels of analytics, and some of questions they can answer:

  • Track Level: Data collected from a single Target or Recommend Track
    • How is a specific Target or Recommend Content Track performing? How many visitors have viewed it? How many content assets did they view in the track? What is the track’s average session time?
  • Macro Track Level: Data collected from all Target Tracks, or from all Recommend Tracks
    • How are all of your Target Tracks performing? How are all of your Recommend Tracks performing? How many visitor activities have been triggered across all Target or Recommend Tracks? Which are your best performing Target or Recommend Tracks?

Why do you use Analytics?

PathFactory analytics make it easy to make sense of the visitor engagement data that we collect. Data can be organized to show details about content, visitors, geolocations, events, and more.
It’s also possible to filter data according to various audience parameters, making it easier to find data on audiences you are most interested in. Analytics helps you learn about your visitors—-where they are, how long they’re spending on your content, what they’re viewing—-which gives you concrete and actionable insights.

How do Analytics work?

1. Collect

The PathFactory platform gathers user engagement data as visitors view and interact with your Content Tracks.

2. View

Explore the data directly on the PathFactory platform. Key insights are presented to provide a quick overview of how your tracks are performing. You can also view data according to varying levels of detail and focus.

3. Extract and Act

Extract data from PathFactory to use in your other data management systems. Make informed decisions based on detailed data.

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Updated on March 16, 2023

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