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How do I install the Chrome Extension?

The PathFactory Chrome Extension can be downloaded through the Chrome Extension app store. Once users download the app the PathFactory icon will appear in the top right corner of the Chrome address bar.

See this article for more information on how to install, set up, and use the PathFactory Chrome Extension.

Do I need a PathFactory account to login to the Chrome Extension?

No. In order to use the PathFactory Google Chrome Extension you need to be logged in to your Gmail using the email address that is associated with your organization.
The PathFactory Chrome Extension uses Google SSO (Single Sign On), and anyone in your organization with a valid email address can log in through the Google SSO.

Are all my Content Tracks and Folders from PathFactory visible to users in the Chrome Extension?

No. Any Admin user of your PathFactory instance has the ability to select which Folders are visible to Chrome Extension users.

Type of User What content is visible in Chrome Extension?

Chrome Extension User with PathFactory account

Able to view all content from all folders in all PathFactory instances for which you have a valid login

Chrome Extension User without PathFactory account

Only able to view content from folders selected by Admin users in the Sales Configuration tab

The Sales Configuration page allows your Admin PathFactory users to select the folders for “Sales Users”; a “Sales User” is anyone at your company who does not have an account in your PathFactory instance, but who has access to either PathFactory for Sales in Salesforce or the Google Chrome Extension.

Can I insert multiple content assets in an email?

Yes. When you select a piece of content and click insert, it is added to the email’s body. If you want to add more content assets to the same email, you must click the PathFactory icon again to reopen the Chrome Extension modal.

Can I create a new Content Track using the Chrome Extension?

No. Currently there is no option in Chrome Extension to create a new Content Track or Explore Page. Chrome Extension users can only see and share existing Content Tracks or Explore Pages.

Once the email recipient clicks on a piece of content, are they de-anonymized?

Yes. We track every click to content that occurs once the recipient receives and opens the email.
However, similar to tracking limitations in most MAPs, the PathFactory Google Chrome Extension will only track content sent in emails if the following is true:

  • The email is only sent to 1 recipient
    • This means only 1 recipient in total, if using To, CC, or BCC
  • You use the Embed content thumbnail option (not the copy link option)

Will tracking be affected by adding the email recipient before or after inserting content in the email?

No. It doesn’t matter whether you add the email recipient or the content asset first. The PathFactory Chrome Extension has a function to regularly check for the email address of the email recipient. This email address is then added to the end of the content’s link; when the recipient clicks on that piece of content, their email address is captured and associated with their engagement data.

Where is the user engagement data for content sent using the Chrome Extension?

Any click on content assets is shown in Path Analytics, Content Track Analytics, and PathFactory for Sales Analytics. We track all visitor sessions across all our analytics.

The Chrome extension is completely GDPR compatible.
Anytime a visitor views a Content Track their activity is tracked, and this data is recorded in PathFactory using a session cookie. Visitors are only tracked with a persistent cookie once they accept cookie consent (please note, you need to have cookie consent enabled on your Content Tracks). If the visitor does not accept cookie consent, no sensitive information about the visitor is recorded in PathFactory analytics.

For more information on these different cookies and how PathFactory uses them, read this FAQ.
Updated on March 17, 2023

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