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2023 Release Notes: Release M

Standard Forms just got more customizable! We are proud to announce new functionality in Release M that will enable you to increase your customization for Standard Forms.

Reorder Standard Form Fields. This feature lets you customize your Standard Forms further by allowing you to click and drag fields to change the order in which they appear.

Reorder Standard Form Fields

Previously, the order in which form fields appeared on a Standard Form was unchangeable. Now you can customize the order of form fields based on your preferences. 

Note: To take advantage of this new functionality, please contact your CSM to activate it within your instance. 

When you open an existing Standard Form, you’ll notice a new plus sign icon beside each field. These are icons you can click and drag to reorder the fields as you wish. See screen capture below to become familiar with the new Standard Forms icons.

Standard Form

To see this new feature in action, follow these steps. 

  1. On the main navigation menu, click the gear icon. In the menu that appears, select Form Library
Form Library Menu Item
  1. You can edit an existing Standard Form or create a new one. To edit existing, click on the Standard Form in the Form Library and see its current details on a right side panel. For instructions on how to create a new Standard Form, read Create a Standard Form.
Form Library main view
  1. You’ll notice there is a new plus sign icon (+) beside each field in the Standard Form, as highlighted in the screen capture below. 
Standard Form With New Icons Highlighted
  1. You can change the order of the fields by clicking on the plus sign (+) and dragging the field to a different position in the form. For example, you may want to make some fields mandatory, and put those fields higher up in the form. As shown in the screen capture below, you can move the Company field to the top, and move the Name fields to the bottom and mark them as optional.
Example of Field Re-ordering
Updated on July 14, 2023

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