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Product Release Notes Version 24 – January 23, 2018

The following are included in the 24 release on January 23th 2018.

In this release, we address some bug fixes and improvements to the Target Flow Promoter, and to improve the performance of Product and Track level analytics pages.


  • Made improvement to Target Flow Promoter behaviour based on client feedback to ensure that the left hand side of the promoter keeps the visitors place and does not move them back to the top of the list of content.
  • Removed the “Top 5 Visitor” report from Track and Product Analytic pages to improve the performance of the page
  • Made small copy changes in the new Forms Strategy feature to improve clarity and consistency


  • Ongoing bug fixes for unreleased features that are currently in development
  • Fixed issue that was causing problem when uploading some Youtube and Vimeo videos not picking right Media Type on Authoring and cause problem rendering the video on Consumption.
  • Target Analytics CSV download that was causing issues for some clients
Updated on April 14, 2023

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