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PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence further closes the gap between marketing and sales by empowering your revenue team to deliver bespoke buying experiences at scale, built by and from marketing-curated content. Key 1st party buying signals are now surfaced to Business Development Representatives (BDRs), Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), Account Executives (AEs), and Field Marketing to aid in understanding their buyers and the next best actions to close deals quicker.

Overall, PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence introduces powerful integration, content personalization, collaboration, and reporting enhancements. These features equip sales and marketing teams with the insights and tools to optimize their strategies, engage buyers effectively, and drive revenue success.

For more information about using PathFactory Revenue Intelligence, read Getting Started with PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence (PFRI)

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions for the PFRI Beta program, along with their answers.

How Does PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Differ From PathFactory for Sales?

PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence is our newest innovation and offers many enhancements not available in PathFactory for Sales.

  • Import Salesforce contact, lead, account and opportunity data to use in conjunction with content engagement insights into PathFactory
  • Inclusion of trending topics for accounts and topics of interest for visitors. Leveraging PathFactory’s Content Intelligence capabilities, users gain insights into the most relevant and popular content within specific accounts, enabling them to align their sales and marketing efforts more effectively
  • Revenue Team users can access Content Intelligence insights across accounts and opportunities within both PathFactory and Salesforce
  • Export PathFactory’s Content Intelligence insights directly into Salesforce through an API
  • Revenue Team users can customize their Content Experiences before sharing (governed by Marketing)
  • Revenue Team users can send content through emails (powered by Gmail or Outlook) in addition to generating sharing links to send via other platforms

What is the PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Beta Program?

The PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Beta Program provides early access for this product.  

With this launch, we want PathFactory’s newest product to be tested by a group of users under real conditions. These findings enable PathFactory to uncover bugs and issues before the product is released more widely, as well as gather valuable feedback for future enhancements. 

What are the Benefits of Joining the PFRI Beta Program?

By joining the PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Beta Program, you’ll receive the following services and access.

  • Early access for your organization to try out PFRI.
  • Integration of your CRM data with PathFactory engagement data.  This gives you a full picture of your content and campaign influence on opportunity progression using first party visitor and account data.
  • Access for your sales team to try Templated Experiences that they can further configure and share with their leads in a streamlined workflow via Content Pages and Landing Pages.
  • Leverage the power of PathFactory engagement data and your CRM categorical data. Sales teams can access personalized content recommendations that align with the specific needs and interests of their prospects or customers.

How Long Does the PFRI Beta Program Run?

The Beta Program will continue to run for the rest of 2023. If for some reason the Beta Program ends early, we will notify our customers with a reasonable amount of time. 

Who Can Participate?

Current PathFactory customers that subscribe to Campaign Tools can participate in the PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Beta Program. These customers must have content in the Campaign Tools content library and they must also use Salesforce as their CRM platform.

Do I Have to Pay to Join the Beta Program?

No. Beta users will be able to access PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence for free until the Beta Program end date.

How Do I Get Access?

To access PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence, work with your Customer Success Manager and Solutions Engineer to set up the required integrations and enable PFRI in your PathFactory platform. 

What Are the Requirements for the Beta Program?

Current PathFactory customers that subscribe to Campaign Tools can participate in the PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Beta Program. These customers must have content in the Campaign Tools content library and they must also use Salesforce as their CRM platform.

How Will This Increase my Salesforce API Call Volume?

As an idea of the expected call volume, our PathFactory Marketing team has had 43,383 API requests in a 24 hour period and 210,755 API requests across a 7 day period by importing Salesforce data into our PathFactory platform. 

When you export data from PathFactory to Salesforce in addition to the import, you should expect your call volume to increase further. 

Is There a Contact Team for the Beta Program?

Your Customer Success Manager and Solutions Engineer will remain as your main points of contact throughout the Beta Program. In addition, you’ll have direct access to the Product Lead for PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence. 

Am I Required to Give Feedback if I Join the Program?

Yes. We make it easy! We highly encourage you to give feedback as it will significantly help the PathFactory team in enhancing PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence to provide maximum value to its users.

How Do I Submit Feedback to PathFactory Regarding the Beta Features/Functionality?

You can submit feedback directly to your Customer Success Manager and/or your Solutions Engineer who will log them for our Product team. 

The PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Product Lead may also ask to book a meeting to discuss your feedback further as needed. 

What Kind of Feedback Are You Looking For?

Although we welcome any and all feedback, some examples of topics that would provide our team with great insight include:

  • User interface elements that you do/do not like
  • What you like/do not like about the workflow steps to execute actions or review insights
  • The types of questions you would still like the product to answer for you
  • The types of actions you would still like to complete within the product
  • Potential platforms you would like to have the product integrate with 
  • A deeper understanding of your marketing team’s lead funnel and sales stages
  • How your sales team is structured including the main functions of each role

Is the PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Beta Program Confidential?

No. You are able to speak and share about the PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Beta Program with whomever you wish. You will not need to sign an NDA to participate.

Will the Features and Functionality That Are Part of my Existing PathFactory Subscription Still be Available While I am in the Beta Program?

Yes. You will have the same access to all existing products within your PathFactory subscription package while participating in the Beta Program.

What Happens After the Beta Program Has Ended? 

Should you wish to continue with PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss options. 

Note: If you decide to purchase PFRI after the Beta Program has ended, you will be able to access all of your data with no interruption. Otherwise, you will need to download any data that you wish to keep by the end date of the Beta Program, as it would not be available within your PathFactory platform once the Beta Program ends.

When Will PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence be Generally Available for Purchase?

PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence will be generally available later in 2023

Updated on June 1, 2023

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