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Integrating PathFactory and Sigstr

Contact Sigstr to enable the PathFactory integration for your Sigstr account.

This integration requires a PathFactory Public API Key, which is a paid feature. If you’re not sure if you have this feature, or if you’d like to purchase it, contact support@pathfactory.com or your CSM for assistance.


PathFactory clients who use Sigstr are now able to connect the two platforms. This v1 integration allows Sigstr to pass a visitor’s email address to PathFactory whenever someone clicks on a Sigstr banner. This means that anyone entering a Content Track from a Sigstr banner will be identified in your PathFactory analytics.

Read more about this partnership in this blog post!

How to Set Up your PathFactory and Sigstr Integration

  1. Click on your username in the bottom left, and select Account Settings.
    imageAccount Settings menu item
  2. Click Integrations and then the Content Management tab.
    imageIntegrations menu
  3. You now need an API Key from PathFactory. In your PathFactory instance, navigate to Organization Settings from the drop-down menu in the top right.
    imageOrganization Settings menu item
  4. Select the API Configurations tab, and click the clipboard icon to copy the API Key.
    imageAPI Configurations tab
  5. In Sigstr, paste the key and click Connect.
    imageConnect button
  6. Check the Enable Visitor Tracking box.
    imageEnable Visitor Tracking option

Enable Visitor Tracking with Sigstr

Next, you need to install the Sigstr Chrome Extension.

This step ensures that visitors who access your Content Tracks via a Sigstr email banner will be identified by PathFactory, and will have their session data associated with their identity.

Be sure to refresh your Gmail or mail server after installation.

Sigstr’s chrome extension also gives your company the ability to target individual accounts and contacts with a personalized campaign.

When using this integration and sending an email with a Sigstr banner to one recipient, when that recipient clicks on the banner Sigstr will pass the recipient’s email address to PathFactory. This allows PathFactory track the resulting session of the known individual.

When there are multiple recipients of a single email Sigstr has a more difficult time identifying the individual and passing the email address to PathFactory. Scenarios are handled differently, as outlined below.

When there are multiple recipients of a single email Sigstr handles identifying visitors differently depending on the scenario. Here are three different possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: You send an email to multiple people within one organization (all with the same @domain.com)

  • The visitor sessions will be listed as unique events, but the email address “somebody@domain.com” will be associated with each visitor session
  • The email address will actually say “somebody”, and the @domain.com will be the domain you sent the email to

Scenario 2: You send an email to one external person, and one or more internal people

  • The external recipient’s email address will be associated with their session data
  • The internal recipients’ email address will be listed in PathFactory as unique events from unknown traffic

Scenario 3: You send an email to multiple people with different domains

  • Eg. tim@example.com, sarah@demo.com, and lisa@xyz.com
  • No email address will be passed to PathFactory, so the visitors’ sessions will be listed as unknown traffic and will not have an associated email address

Using Content Tracks in Sigstr Campaigns

Currently, only Target Content Tracks with custom URLs are supported in this integration. Future versions of the integration will accommodate additional Content Track types and behaviors.
  1. When building a new campaign in Sigstr, click Connect to Platform rather than manually entering a URL.
    imageConnect to Platform option
  2. Click on PathFactory, and select the Content Track you want to link to from your Sigstr banner.
    Only Content Tracks with custom URLs are available to select.

    imageConnect to Platform menu

  3. Sigstr automatically generates a query string and adds it to your Content Track’s URL, and this is how the visitor email address is passed to PathFactory.

We will continue working with Sigstr on additional enhancements to the integration, and will keep you posted on future updates.

Updated on April 5, 2024

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