Fast Moving Buyer Alerts in Marketo


Fast Moving Buyer Alerts are a great way to let sales know about a hot lead.

What is an FMB Alert?

It’s an email alert that you set up in your MAP to send a lead’s details to an individual or group in sales; the alert is triggered by the lead’s engagement with your content.

Lead Details included in an FMB Alert:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Organization

PathFactory Data you can include in the alert:

  • What behavior made them a priority lead
  • Which content assets the lead viewed
  • How long did they spend with each content asset

There are 4 steps to set up an FMB Alert:

  1. Set up a Visitor Session Webhook in PathFactory
  2. Create a Fast Moving Buyer Alert Email in Marketo
  3. Create a Smart Campaign in Marketo to qualify Fast Moving Buyers and send the alert email
  4. Test the Fast Moving Buyer Alert

Step 1: Set up a Visitor Session Webhook in PathFactory

A visitor session webhook will pass PathFactory engagement data from PathFactory to Marketo every time a visitor engages with a contact track.

See this article for help setting up a visitor session webhook in PathFactory.

We recommend you pass the following fields through your webhook:

Field Name Field Type

Email Address

Use the Marketo Email address field. Do NOT create a new email field.

PathFactory Experience Name


PathFactory Number of Assets Viewed


PathFactory Content Count – Threshold Met


PathFactory Content Journey


PathFactory Content List – Threshold Met


PathFactory Topic List – Threshold Met


PathFactory Funnel State – Threshold Met


PathFactory Asset Type – Threshold Met


PathFactory Engagement Score


PathFactory External ID


PathFactory Engagement Time


Query String


For a full list of possible fields PathFactory can send over to your MAP, please see this article and add any desired fields to this list. If you leverage UTM parameters or other tracking parameters, additional fields may be added to this list.

Step 2: Create a Fast Moving Buyer Alert Email in Marketo

This step involves creating the email that will provide the engagement data of the prospect that viewed your content track. This email will be sent to the sales owner of the engaged prospect so that they can act on the email alert.

Example of a FMB
Example of a FMB

Below is the Fast Moving Buyer alert email our Marketing team sends to contact owners of Fast Moving Buyers. You can customize the content of the email however you like. Add personalization tokens for each individual contact data value.

Example of a FMB
Example of a FMB

The image above shows what the email looks like when it lands in the Sales Rep’s inbox.

Pro Tips:

  • Link to the PathFactory Insights page in Salesforce in the email
    • This allows the contact owner to see more detail about the Fast Moving Buyer’s engagement with your content
  • Create an Email Script token to use within your alert email that will convert PathFactory engagement time from seconds to minutes
    • The steps to accomplish this are described below

[Optional] Convert Engagement Time from Seconds to Minutes in Alert Email

  1. Create an “Email Script” token within your alerts program. Insert the following script into your token:
     #set( $time = INSERT_ENGAGEMENT_TIME_FIELD_HERE ) #set( $temp = $math.div($time, 60) ) #set( $minutes = $math.floor($temp) ) #set( $seconds = $math.round($math.mul($math.sub($temp, $minutes), 60)) ) #if($minutes && $seconds) $minutes min $seconds sec #end
  2. Replace the “INSERT_ENGAGEMENT_TIME_FIELD_HERE” with the field name.
    imageField name code example

  3. In your alert email, replace the “Engagement Time” token with your Email Script token.
    imageEngagement Time token example

Step 3: Create a Smart Campaign in Marketo to qualify Fast Moving Buyers and send the FMB alert email

At PathFactory we consider a Fast Moving Buyer to be someone who engages with at least three content assets and spends at least ninety seconds on a content track. You can decide what behavior qualifies as fast moving and use that in your campaign as shown below.

  1. Set your campaign trigger to be a form submission for your Visitor Session Webhook form. Add any additional criteria that you feel qualifies a Fast Moving Buyer.
    imageSmart List tab

  2. Add a flow step to your campaign that sends an email alert to the correct recipients. You can also create an interesting moment for fast moving buyer activity. This will show in the contact’s Salesforce record and display the data that you chose.
    imageFlow tab

Step 4: Test your Fast Moving Buyer Alert

  1. Go to one of your content tracks (ensure you fill out a form with the capture tag during your session) and meet the criteria you outlined in your Fast Moving Buyers campaign.
  2. Wait thirty minutes, then check your Fast Moving Buyer campaign in Marketo and ensure you became a member. You’ll also want to check that the alert email was sent to the correct recipient.
Updated on April 14, 2023

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