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Adding a Capture Tag to an Eloqua Landing Page


If you are using an Eloqua form in your Content Tracks, you need to configure the form to redirect to an Eloqua landing page once submitted. On that landing page you need to add the PathFactory Capture Tag.

The Capture Tag allows PathFactory to grab the email address submitted on the Eloqua form, and associate that address with the visitor’s session data.

Add Capture Tag

  1. Create a new Eloqua landing page.
    • Navigate to Assets.
    • Select Landing Pages.
    • Create a new landing page.
    • Create a Blank HTML Landing Page.
      imageLanding Pages menu item

  2. In the HTML editor, add the PathFactory Capture Tag.
    • Add the following code snippet between the tags:
    • Save your landing page.
      imageOracle Landing Page

Not sure how to use your Eloqua form in PathFactory? Click here to learn how!
Updated on April 14, 2023

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