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2023 Release Notes: Release X

Release Date: December 5, 2023

This release introduces several features to enhance your content control and sharing capabilities.

Add Multiple Domains to Share Content Settings to accommodate different business units, regions, etc., that want to display a unique URL to visitors.

Enable Content Track Locking to prevent internal changes from being made to live Experiences. 

Update PFRI Buyer Status Labels for increased accuracy when describing the status of your buyers in PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence.

Content Sharing From the PFRI Buyer Details Page – enablesI users to now share content directly from any Buyer Details page if the buyer is a Contact in the CRM.

Add Multiple Sharing Domains

This feature applies to Templated Experiences, Target, Recommend, Explore, Microsite and Virtual Event sharing.

Previously, PathFactory supported the ability for customers to switch between more than one sharing domain URL for their instance, but only an Administrator could update the available URL and default sharing domain. Administrators could set what the default sharing domain URL would be, which would then apply any time a user generated an experience sharing link. If the administrator needed to change this default sharing URL they would have done so within Organization Settings. However, users couldn’t switch this themselves. 

Sharing Domain URL dropdown list

With this enhancement, users can now switch between sharing domain URLs anytime they are going through the workflow steps to generate a sharing link, as long as an Administrator has set up all of their available options. Users across different business units, regions, etc. can leverage unique URLs and better ensure brand consistency through their preferred domain.

If a PathFactory user in your instance decides to switch from the domain set as the default for the instance, this change does not impact other users. Also, the user’s new preferred domain selection is saved and is automatically selected when that user engages in the experience sharing workflow again. You may switch to a different domain whenever you wish.  

To switch the sharing domain URL of any experience, navigate to the share button for that particular experience. The Share Domain URL field will now be enabled as a dropdown list where you are able to switch between domains to apply to that experience link. 

Share Link menu

Enable Content Track Locking 

This security enhancement aims to prevent any changes from being made by other users to deployed and live Target or Recommend tracks. Only the creator of the track or an Administrator can unlock a Target or Recommend track that has been locked. 

Note: Locking does not prevent sharing or previewing a track, only editing.

To lock a Target or Recommend track, follow these steps.

  1. Open the track that you have created.
  2. At the top of the screen, you see a button labeled Lock Track. Click this button to prevent other users from adding or changing the content or settings of your track.
Lock Track button
  1. After you have locked the track, the following message appears along the top of the screen as shown in the screen capture below: Target Track Locked! This is locked for editing. Preview, share and analytics are still accessible. This track can be unlocked any time. 
Locked Track message
  1. You’ll notice that the + Add Content to Track button is disabled. To unlock the track, click Unlock Track

PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence

Updated PFRI Buyer Status Labels

We have updated the Buyer Status labeling to more accurately reflect lead record representation. The previous buyer status labels in PathFactory For Revenue Intelligence left ambiguity around where lead records from Salesforce would be classified.

  • Contact in CRM – previously labeled Present in the CRM. 
    • This status type only includes buyers that are contact records in Salesforce.
  • Not a Contact in CRM – previously labeled Not Present in CRM. 
    • This status type includes buyers that are known to PathFactory. They may be lead records in Salesforce or they may not yet be in Salesforce but are still in the PathFactory database.
  • Unknown – this is unchanged.
    • This status type includes buyers that are in the PathFactory database but are not yet known (no email address associated) so they are identified by a visitor ID. PathFactory is able to associate them to an Account based on company name information that 6sense provides, but they are not yet present in Salesforce either. 

You will see these changes reflected in the Buyer Insight tab of an account as highlighted below. The Buyer Status filter, graph info hover text, graph legend and buyer status labels in the table will now display these new values. This is also true for the individual Buyer Details page. 

Buyers Insight tab

PFRI Content Sharing From Buyer Details Page

To help streamline workflows, we have added a Share Content button to the Buyer Details page that is available for all buyers with the assigned status of Contact in CRM. Previously, you could only share content from Account or Opportunity pages. Marketers and sellers can now share content directly from these Buyer Details pages, whether logged into the PathFactory application or viewing via the PFRI embed on a Contact record directly within Salesforce.

Share Content dropdown menu

If you are selecting the link option, nothing in this workflow will change from when you are generating it from an Account or Opportunity page. However if you select the email option, because you are sharing directly from a Buyer Details page, the select recipients step will have that buyer automatically selected at the top of the list (as shown below). You still have the option to add other buyers from the Account that you would like to send the email to as well, which will also be populated in the list on screen. 

Select Recipients menu

Note: These changes in the first step of the email workflow do not appear when you generate an email content play from an Account or Opportunity page in PFRI, but instead appear when generating from the Buyers Detail page only.

For more details read How to Use PathFactory for Revenue Intelligence Content Plays.

Updated on December 15, 2023

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