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2021 Release Notes: Release M

As we come to the end of 2021, we want to thank each of you for the valuable feedback you have provided that has been incorporated into many of our product releases throughout the year.  Whether it’s perspectives on new functionality, user workflow requests for the platform interface, or ideas for new use case concepts, our platform is better for it and our team is grateful for your time and efforts.

Our last release of the year provides enhanced username capabilities to ease with governance, new YouTube video functionality for accessibility and localization, improvements to your Explore page layouts, and more. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Core Platform


Make your YouTube video content more accessible

For YouTube videos that support captions, you can now turn on captions to display by default as well as set the language the captions will display in. This feature not only makes your video content more accessible, it also aids your localization efforts for Campaign Tools and VEX experiences. 

Select any YouTube asset within a content track or VEX session to view these new configuration options. By default, captions will be off for all existing videos and newly uploaded videos. Once captions are enabled, you’ll then be able to choose the language. If you select a language that isn’t supported, the captions will be in the default video language. If the YouTube video does not support captions altogether, no captions will be displayed.

Campaign Tools


Save time with bulk uploads for access protection

Don’t waste any more time when adding email addresses or domains to your access protection settings. With our new bulk CSV upload capability, you now have 2 CSV templates to use at your convenience—one for domain uploads and the other for uploading email addresses. Read the Nook article Use CSV upload for access protection.

Email field merge now available in the webhook endpoint URL

This new capability allows for users to pass a visitor’s email address in a query string to their marketing automation tool (MAP). Please note: if you’re using a MAP other than Eloqua, Marketo, or Pardot, you may need to bring the email into the query string for the data to be received. On the webhook configuration page, a user should be able to use {{visitor.email}} field merge in the URL field. For example, https://some.endpoint.com/?email={{visitor.email}}


Auto-play and more enhanced functionality for embedded MP4 videos

With this release, all source URLs with embedded MP4 videos that have their type specified as “video/mp4” will be recognized as videos. Now videos can auto-play and be in full-screen mode if that’s your preference. The video will also pause if a form is displayed and will resume once the visitor submits or exits the form. 

Revamped user management page

We’ve redesigned the user roles section of the user management page for better organization and governance. You’ll now see on-page navigation tabs in user roles. The tabs split out permissions into three categories: product permissions, platform settings, and administrative controls (visible only to PathFactory users with an admin role).

PathFactory usernames improved

We’ve launched several improvements to PathFactory usernames for your team to take advantage of. Now any PathFactory user who has create/edit/delete access to the user management section can edit existing usernames. Usernames also now support spaces and brackets, and we’ve increased the character limit from 20 to 255 characters. All usernames must still be unique and must both start and end with an alphanumeric character. If your organization uses a governance structure for usernames within your other systems, this update lets you easily mirror that structure in PathFactory with more flexibility.

Campaign Tools


Serve up more unique content

Eliminate redundancy within your Explore pages. When using the topic carousel appearance, if you choose to feature specific assets at the top, you can now exclude those assets from also appearing in the topic carousels. Reduce duplication and get more unique content in front of your visitors. On your Explore page, edit the topic carousel, and select Exclude featured assets from topic carousel



Audio notification for attendees

On both mobile and desktop, visitors to your VEX events will now see a notification if the video is playing on mute. This notification appears for  Youtube, Wistia, Brightcove, Vimeo, and Limelight players. 

That’s it for now…

From all of us here at PathFactory, we wish you a wonderful and safe holiday season. We will see you again in January. Happy New Year!

Updated on April 4, 2023

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