Single Sign On FAQ

Does PathFactory support auto-user provisioning?

No. There is no automatic synchronization of users between PathFactory and your identity provider.

If a user is deactivated or removed from my IDP, will the user still be able to login into PathFactory?

No. If a user is deactivated in the identity provider, the user will not be able to login into PathFactory.

Can I restrict all user logins to use Single Sign On?

Yes. Assuming Single Sign On has been enabled correctly, all users will be required to sign in through single sign on.

However, admins can allow users the ability to login through either username and password or Single Sign On by enabling mixed mode login.

Does PathFactory support SAML Single Logout?

No. If a user logs out of their Identity Provider while they are logged into PathFactory, they will still be logged into PathFactory for that session.

Updated on April 14, 2023

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